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Getting Started with ForgeRock® Identity Cloud

This course takes students from a high-level understanding of how ForgeRock® Identity Cloud (Identity Cloud) works, through the various online resources available to them, to a fully functional...

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$2,850 USD GSA  $1,224.18
Course Code FR-300
Duration 3 days
Available Formats Classroom, Virtual
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This course takes students from a high-level understanding of how ForgeRock® Identity Cloud (Identity Cloud) works, through the various online resources available to them, to a fully functional hands-on development environment, where they learn how to implement the many features of Identity Cloud in a training environment. Students take real-world use cases and implement them in a provided live Identity Cloud environment, where they learn the concepts and tasks necessary to successfully manage identities, applications, and user journeys in their own Identity Cloud.

Skills Gained

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the benefits and features of Identity Cloud, understand how to access an Identity Cloud tenant and your CloudShare lab environment
  • Manage the onboarding of users through self-service, understand managed objects, import identities, and synchronize identities between Identity Cloud and external resources
  • Manage journeys to support how end users authenticate and perform self-service with Identity Cloud
  • Integrate application client profiles and gateway profiles into Identity Cloud to support external applications accessing Identity Cloud for identity and access management services
  • Manage federation to let employees with credentials stored in a remote Active Directory (AD) data store access services in Identity Cloud

Who Can Benefit

The target audiences for this course include:

  • ForgeRock Identity Cloud Administrators
  • Technical users new to Identity Cloud and other ForgeRock products
  • Those new to Identity Cloud and considering taking the certification exam


The following are the prerequisites for successfully completing this course: https://backstage.forgerock.com/university/cloud-learning

  • ForgeRock Access Management Essentials
  • ForgeRock Identity Management Essentials
  • ForgeRock Identity Gateway Essentials
  • ForgeRock Directory Services Essentials

Course Details

Chapter 1: Introducing Identity Cloud

Lesson 1: Introducing ForgeRock Identity Cloud

  • Describe Identity Cloud
  • Explain Identity Cloud onboarding services

Lesson 2: Getting Access to Identity Cloud

  • Describe the tenant registration process
  • Introduce the Identity Cloud Admin UI

Lesson 3: Accessing Your Lab Environment

  • Access your tenant and CloudShare lab environment
  • Log in to your tenant and CloudShare lab environment

Chapter 2: Managing User Identities

Lesson 1: Managing Identities

  • Manage user profiles in Identity Cloud
  • Manage a user profile in Identity Cloud
  • Manage administrators
  • Invite a top-level administrator
  • Explain UI integration options
  • Configure themes for the Alpha and Bravo realms
  • Manage password policies
  • Configure password policies

Lesson 2: Onboarding Users with Self-Service

  • Describe self-registration
  • Register a user
  • Describe self-service
  • Explore self-service features

Lesson 3: Introducing Organizations

  • Explain how to model an organization structure

Lesson 4: Adding Identities With Bulk Import

  • Describe bulk import
  • Import customers and employees

Lesson 5: Customizing Placeholder Properties

  • Manage placeholder properties
  • Customize placeholder properties

Lesson 6: Synchronizing Identities from External Resources

  • Explain how to connect to external resources
  • Configure a connection between Identity Cloud and an external DS
  • Explain synchronization
  • Populate Identity Cloud with DS entries
  • Configure bi-directional synchronization
  • Populate Identity Cloud with AD users
  • Configure an RCS Cluster (Optional)

Lesson 7: Managing Provisioning Roles and Assignments

  • Introduce provisioning roles and assignments
  • Create assignments and provisioning roles

Lesson 8: Additional Administration Tasks

  • Add a custom domain name
  • Introduce Identity Cloud REST APIs
  • Explore logs
  • Monitor your tenant

Chapter 3: Managing User Journeys

Lesson 1: Exploring Default Journeys

  • Introduce journeys
  • Explain self-service journeys
  • Explore self-service journeys

Lesson 2: Modifying Journeys

  • Introduce authentication nodes
  • Manage journeys
  • Modify the Login journey
  • Explore email templates and nodes
  • Configure email templates
  • Modify an email template

Lesson 3: Configuring Self-Service

  • Explore knowledge-based authentication (KBA) options
  • Configure self-service to use KBA
  • Explain terms and conditions
  • Configure terms and conditions

Lesson 4: Configuring Social Registration and Authentication

  • Explain social registration and authentication
  • Configure an OAuth 2.0 client for Identity Cloud and configure Google as an identity provider
  • Add social registration to the Registration journey
  • Add social authentication to the Login journey

Chapter 4: Integrating Applications and Gateways

Lesson 1: Defining Applications

  • Describe supported application types

Lesson 2: Adding an Application Client Profile

  • Explain how the ForgeRock SDKs are used with Identity Cloud
  • Add a single-paged application
  • Enable a JavaScript application to use Identity Cloud for authentication

Lesson 3: Integrating Identity Gateway

  • Introduce Identity Gateway
  • Integrate Identity Gateway with Identity Cloud
  • Integrate the Identity Gateway sample application with Identity Cloud

Chapter 5: Managing Federation

Lesson 1: Integrating Third-Party Services using SAML

  • Introduce Federation
  • Explain how to configure Identity Cloud as an SP
  • Configure Identity Cloud as an SP
  • Explain how to configure ADFS as an IdP
  • Configure ADFS as an IdP
  • Explain how to configure Identity Cloud to use an IdP
  • Configure Identity Cloud to use an IdP
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