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  • HDS - Pentaho Data Integration with Hadoop – DI2000 (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-DI2000
    This course provides an overview of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) within the context of the Hadoop ecosystem. Building upon Pentaho Data Integration Fundamentals, students will learn how Pentaho...
  • HDS - Pentaho Business Analytics User Console (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-BA1000
    This course introduces the Pentaho Business Analytics suite of products to non-technical users who rely on business intelligence solutions to make informed business decisions. Pentaho Business...
  • HDS - Pentaho Installation and Administration (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-AD1000
    The Installation and Administration course provides a hands-on overview of the processes for installing, configuring, administering and maintaining the Pentaho Business Analytics suite of products....
  • HDS - Pentaho Business Analytics Data Modeling (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-BA3000
    This course provides an overview of using Metadata Editor and Schema Workbench to create data models used by Interactive Reporting, Analyzer and Report Designer. Through a mixture of interactive,...
  • HDS - Pentaho Data Integration Fundamentals (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-DI1000
    This instructor-led course* provides an introduction to the Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) platform. It introduces the basic functions, explains the capabilities of PDI, and describes the best...
  • HDS - Pentaho CTools Fundamentals (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-CT1000
    CTools Fundamentals teaches you how to develop pixel-perfect dashboards that conform to your organization's brand identity and provide a refined end-user experience. Learn an easy and fast way to...
  • HDS - Pentaho Business Analytics Report Designer (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-BA2000
    This course teaches you how to design, create and publish custom reports with Report Designer. From connecting to data sources to adding design elements, you will learn all of the necessary steps to...
  • HDS - Pentaho Support and Troubleshooting (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-SP1000
    This course is designed to introduce you to common troubleshooting concepts and techniques such including accessing and analyzing log files; exploring the possible root causes of errors, isolating the...
  • HDS - Pentaho Data Integration Advanced (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-DI1500
    This course is designed to build upon your fundamental knowledge of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI). Moving beyond the basics of creating transformations and jobs, you will learn how to use PDI in...
  • HDS - Managing Hitachi Data Instance Director v6.x (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-TSI2995
    This course provides in-depth training on how to use Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) to orchestrate and manage Hitachi replication software products such as: - Hitachi ShadowImage® - Hitachi...
  • HDS - Certification Exam Preparation: Storage Foundations (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-THE2345
    This 1 day instructor-led training course provides an opportunity to become Hitachi Data Systems Certified. This course helps learners prepare for and take the Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations...
  • HDS - Embedding Pentaho (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-SA2000
    This course is designed to introduce software architects to the different ways of embedding Pentaho into their own environment. Topics include understanding how to provide a common look and feel, how...
  • HDS - Pentaho Security Fundamentals (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-SA1000
    This course is designed to introduce software architects to all aspects of security within Pentaho. Security is a common area that needs to be extended when working in an enterprise environment that...
  • HDS - Pentaho CTools Advanced (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-CT1500
    CTools Advanced builds upon the knowledge and skills learned in the CTools Fundamentals (CT1000) course to teach you how to add dynamic and interactive features to improve the experience for dashboard...
  • HDS - Hitachi Vantara Data Analytics Concepts (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-TOI2922
    This 1 day course provides an introduction to analytics theory, concepts, tools, and methodology. Hitachi Vantara Data Analytics Concepts
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