Think On Your Feet

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Code: HDS-POI3529
Tuition (USD): $2,000.00 • Classroom

This 2 day instructor-led course provides an essential skillset that enables you to “Think on Your Feet” for those moments, sometimes seconds, when you have to analyze, organize and present your ideas clearly and memorably. During the course, you will hone these skills so you can effectively discuss and defend a position and get your message across the first time, every time. The program will describe structures and frameworks that enable you to quickly decide what messages are essential and present them persuasively, even under extreme time pressure. It will teach you how to package information for easier comprehension as well as help to position arguments and manage audiences. True mastery comes with the ability to answer questions on the spot and explain complicated ideas clearly and persuasively when you have little or no time to prepare. The key course takeaway is learning the art of achieving clarity, brevity and impact.

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