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IBM Cloud Pak Essentials

This two day course will help provide students with a background in common technologies among various IBM Cloud Paks to support deeper learning of specific IBM Cloud Paks which facilitate digital...

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Course Code U5CPE01G
Duration 2 days
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This two day course will help provide students with a background in common technologies among various IBM Cloud Paks to support deeper learning of specific IBM Cloud Paks which facilitate digital transformation using technologies such as the cloud, AI and automation.

Objectives for the course are as follows:

• Understand basics of background technologies for IBM Cloud Paks, including Containerization, Kubernetes, Microservices, DevOps, Red Hat OpenShift, AI and Machine Learning

• Understand basic facets of various IBM Cloud Paks, including: 

o IBM Cloud Pak for Applications (containerized software solution for modernizing and developing cloud-native apps that run on Red Hat OpenShift)

o IBM Cloud Pak for Data (connect to and catalog data sources on any cloud, provision, populate, and use a governed data lake, run an end-to-end data science lifecycle, access AI services to transform customer interactions)

o IBM Cloud Pak for Integration (securely connect data and applications, build and manage APIs, enterprise messaging, event streaming, high speed data transfer, balance workloads, reuse assets)

o IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management (provides visibility, governance, and automation across multiple platforms: VMs, containers, public clouds, or on-premises infrastructure)

o IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation (cloud networking automation tool that automates the operational lifecycle of cloud network services)

o IBM Cloud Pak for Security (Includes applications such as: Data Explorer, Threat Intelligence Insights, Orchestration & Automation on Cloud Pak for Security, Threat Investigator, IBM QRadar Proxy, QRadar User Behavior Analytics)

o IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps (deploys advanced, explainable AI across the IT Operations (ITOps) toolchain to assess, diagnose, and resolve incidents across mission-critical workloads)

• Understand the basic facets of IBM Watson services, including:

o IBM Watson Assistant (use AI to build and deploy an assistant into any device, application, or channel, connect your assistant to customer support resources)

o IBM Watson Discovery (AI-powered search engine to extract answers from business documents, visually train AI for deep understanding of content, use natural language or structured queries to find relevant answers)

o IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog (catalogs to share assets, governance artifacts to control and enrich catalog assets, categories to organize governance artifacts, tools to prepare data in projects) 

o IBM Watson Knowledge Studio (teach Watson the language of your domain with custom machine learning models that identify entities and relationships unique to your industry in unstructured text)

o IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding (analyze semantic features of text input, including categories, concepts, emotion, entities, keywords, metadata, relations, semantic roles, and sentiment)

o IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier (understand the language of short texts and make predictions about how to handle them)

o IBM Watson Language Translator (identify the language of text and translate it into different languages programmatically)

o IBM Watson Speech to Text (provides speech recognition capabilities, leverages machine learning to combine knowledge of grammar, language structure, and the composition of audio and voice signals to accurately transcribe the human voice)

o IBM Watson Studio (tools to prepare, analyze and visualize data, and build models, environment definitions to provide compute resources, connect tools like IBM Watson Studio directly to data sources)

o IBM Watson Text to Speech (provides speech synthesis capabilities for applications to convert written text to natural-sounding speech)

o IBM Watson Tone Analyzer (uses linguistic analysis to detect emotional and language tones in written text)"


The course is intended for anyone requiring an overview of various IBM Cloud Paks, including Application Developers, Architects, Systems Integrators, Data Engineers, Data Stewards, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and Administrators.


The following qualifications are suggested, prior to taking this class:

• Basic knowledge of defining IT architectures and Cloud solution patterns

• Basic knowledge of Application Modernization techniques

• Basic knowledge of virtualization and containers


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