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IBM Maximo Asset Management Fundamentals v7.6.x

OVERVIEW:The IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6.x Fundamentals course is hands-on and introduces the features and functionality that are available in IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6.x.  It provides...

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$3,200 USD GSA  $2,569.27
Course Code U5TR572G
Duration 4 days
Available Formats Classroom, Virtual
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U5TR572G - IBM Maximo Asset Management Fundamentals V7.6.X

Course Eligible for IBM Digital Badge

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The IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6.x Fundamentals course is hands-on and introduces the features and functionality that are available in IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6.x.  It provides the fundamental concepts and setup considerations of the various business areas that Maximo supports and, as a bonus section, the new Work Center functionality.
This course consists of lectures, demonstrations, and labs that cover applications, processes and interrelationships within Maximo.
The course helps clients to make informed business decisions with the design and planning of their implementation.  Consultants gain a foundation on which to build their product knowledge and skill set.  The foundation also helps in working with clients to obtain optimal value from the product. 

Course Outline

The following outline is a high-level description of the contents of this course.  Each unit has an overview presentation, and most have a series of student exercises designed to reinforce the concepts presented.  The course contains the following units:

This unit provides a high-level overview of IBM Maximo Asset Management framework architecture and its key element and components.  You learn about strategic asset management with IBM Maximo Asset Management to manage assets through their life cycle. You also discuss implementation considerations and system configuration as they pertain to integrations, reporting, and business processes.

This unit focuses on the planning and setup of inventory item and asset configurations. You use the applications to set up inventory items and asset configurations in Maximo.

This unit focuses on the creation of assets and how they are used in Maximo Asset Management.  You will learn the applications that can create assets, associate assets to people and locations and learn how to move assets between locations. 

This unit focuses on learning to use Maximo for work management with the generation and processing of work orders to completion.  This unit will include the new Work Centers that came available in Maximo  Work Centers are made available for Business Analyst, Supervisors and Workers complete the work order tasks.  We will also look at the new Inspection Form tool.

This unit focuses on learning to use Maximo for procurement, starting with generating purchase requests, then processing them, and completing them.

Each lesson in this unit focuses on different aspects of entering records into the database. This unit is also an overview of the different applications and setup options that are available with IBM Maximo Asset Management. The focus is on using applications that are primarily used for building (setting up) the database. 

You should have a basic understanding of the following:
• General database knowledge
• An understanding of how to work with Windows.

The audience includes System administrators, IT administrators, Maintenance personnel, Procurement personnel, Inventory personnel, Asset managers and work managers. The audience also includes consultants that are looking to gain an understanding of Maximo Asset Management 7.6.x.

After completing this course, you should be able to perform the following tasks:
• Describe the Asset Management Lifecycle in Maximo
• Query and Retrieve Data
• Describe options available for various applications
• Describe and use the different Maximo applications and functions as they relate to business processes
• Enter core data elements and data structures

Follow-On Courses:
Be sure to consider the U5TR712G - IBM Maximo Asset Management 
System Administration and Development course.

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