Base ClearCase® Administration, V8

This course teaches ClearCase administrators how to configure and manage the base ClearCase environment. It also covers basic ClearCase usage required to perform and understand registry...

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Course Code U5NSL12G
Duration 2 days
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This course teaches ClearCase administrators how to configure and manage the base ClearCase environment. It also covers basic ClearCase usage required to perform and understand registry administration tasks.

ClearCase is a family of software tools that facilitates software configuration management of source code and other software development assets. It also supports electronic design artifacts, thus enabling hardware and software co-development.

ClearCase offers two configuration management models: base ClearCase and UCM (Unified Change Management). Base ClearCase provides a basic infrastructure, while UCM is built on base ClearCase and provides an out-of-the-box model. Both models can be configured to support a wide variety of needs.

Individuals who need a fast track to configuring, maintaining, and administering a base ClearCase environment.

No previous ClearCase experience required. This course covers the ClearCase functionality required to support base ClearCase maintenance and administration activities.

Key topics

  • Basic ClearCase capabilities: create and remove views; add, remove, move, and rename files and directories
  • Advanced ClearCase UCM capabilities: baselines, branching, and delivering code changes; create and configure VOBs, components, and directory structures
  • Policy implementation: access permissions, operation automation/restrictions
  • Registry administration: move and rename VOBS and views
After completing this course, you will be able to use base ClearCase capabilities to configure and manage a ClearCase environment, including:
  • Create and configure ClearCase  VOBs, views, and directory structures
  • Implement policy and flow control
  • Manage VOB and view storage
Course Details
This class uses base ClearCase with dynamic views on the Windows platform.
  • Introduction to ClearCase - Intro to VOBs, views, and the ClearTeam Explorer
  • VOB and Dynamic View Basics - Intro to ClearCase virtual file system concepts
  • Create Dynamic Views - Create and remove dynamic views
  • View-Private Files - Create and manipulate private (local) files
  • Check Out - Check out, check in, and undo check out
  • Add to Source Control - Add new files to VOB
  • Rename, Move, and Remove - Changing directory structure in a VOB
  • Merge Basics - Use basic merge operations on a sample file
  • Batch Merge - Use the Merge Manager for batch merges
  • Labels - Create label type, apply label, lock label type
  • Config Spec Basics - Edit version selection rules
  • Config Spec Make Branch - Use automatic make branch
  • Create Storage Locations - Create storage locations for VOBs and views
  • Create Data VOB - Intro to the mkvob command with its various options and a discussion of VOB ownership
  • VOB Planning - VOB/component planning; use symlinks
  • Deleting Data - Reasons to delete data; preventing unauthorized removal of data
  • Links - Symbolic and hard links
  • Element Permissions - Underlying permission structure of file and directory elements
  • MVFS - ClearCase multi-version file system
  • Triggers - Create and use triggers to automate policy
  • Registry Server - Overview of VOB and view registration commands
  • VOB Registry Commands - Administer VOBs with registry commands
  • View Registry Commands - Administer views with registry commands
  • Registry Cleanup - Keeping the registry healthy and clean
  • View Cleanup - Remove references to removed views
  • Move VOB - Use registry commands to move a VOB
  • Move View - Use registry commands to move a view
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