ClearQuest® Customization, V9

This course teaches ClearQuest administrators how to customize ClearQuest forms and processes. It also teaches user administration.ClearQuest is a fully customizable database workflow application...

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$1,850 USD GSA  $1,584.38
Course Code U5NSL01G
Duration 2 days
Available Formats Classroom
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This course teaches ClearQuest administrators how to customize ClearQuest forms and processes. It also teaches user administration.

ClearQuest is a fully customizable database workflow application development and production system. It provides flexible change and defect tracking, customizable processes, near real-time reporting, and lifecycle traceability for better visibility and control of the software development lifecycle. 

ClearQuest admins, managers, team leaders, or users who need to customize ClearQuest to meet workgroup requirements.

• Familiarity with the Eclipse IDE is recommended.
• No previous ClearQuest experience required. This course covers the basic ClearQuest functionality required to support and test customization and user admin activities.

Key topics
• ClearQuest basics: connections, queries, submit and modify records
• Create record types
• Create and manage record fields: type, display characteristics, access behavior
• Record workflow
• Process customization scripts
• Test and version schema modifications
• Diff and merge schema versions
• User administration

After completing this course, you will be able to customize ClearQuest to meet individual workgroup requirements. You also will be able to use the User Admin tool to manage ClearQuest users and permissions.

Course Details

  • ClearQuest Overview - Intro to ClearQuest features and workflow
  • Managing Connections - Create and delete database connections
  • Queries - Run basic ClearQuest queries
  • Submit Record - Submit a new defect record; save and load default values
  • Modify record - Modify and duplicate records
  • Create Queries - Create and modify simple queries
  • Overview - ClearQuest customization overview
  • Log on to CQ Designer - Connect to repository and log on
  • Scheme Modification Basics - Modify, save, and validate schema
  • Test Work - Test changes to schema using test database
  • Upgrade Database - Upgrade production database to new schema version
  • Filters - Use filters to exclude elements from schema repository explorer
  • Records - Stateless and state-based record type definitions; create new record type
  • Fields - Creating and manipulating fields in a record
  • Field Behavior - Setting field behavior
  • States and Actions - Create new state and action; add transition
  • Forms and Tabs - Create forms and tabs
  • Add Controls – Field List - Use the field list to add controls to a form
  • Add Controls – Palette - Use the control palette to add controls to a form
  • Control Alignment - Align controls on a form
  • Tab Index and Tab Order - Set tab index and tab order of controls
  • Review Fields and Controls - Implement a parent/child relationship for defect records
  • Dynamic Lists - Create a dynamic list in Designer and edit in ClearQuest
  • Merge Schema Versions - Compare and merge schema versions
  • User Administration - Add users and groups; restrict action to group
  • Field Hooks - Create and use field hooks
  • Action Hooks - Create and use action hooks
  • Global and Record Scripts - Create record script to use in button and context menu
  • Review Hooks - Use hooks to create a dependent choice list
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