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  • IBM TRIRIGA Leased and Owned Property Contract Management (Course)

    Course Code: U5TA531G
    This 3-day course is taught in a classroom or as an instructor-led online (ILO) class. In this course, you learn to manage leases, track critical lease terms and dates, manage rent and expenses, and...
  • IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Operations and Maintenance (Course)

    Course Code: U5TA511G
    Learn to use the TRIRIGA operations and maintenance procedures to maintain or increase the efficiency, reliability, and safety of your assets and locations. TRIRIGA facilitates is a multifaceted...
  • IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Application Platform II (Course)

    Course Code: U5TA701G
    During this 10-day lab-driven course you create workflows that use the features of the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform. You also learn to modify existing business processes and create new business...
  • IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Capital Projects (Course)

    Course Code: U5TA521G
    In this three-day course, you learn to use the IBM TRIRIGA application tools to manage funding sources, programs, and capital projects through lecture, hands-on exercises, and business scenarios that...
  • IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Facilities - Space Management (Course)

    Course Code: U5TA561G
    Learn to use IBM TRIRIGA to apply the facilities management solutions and methodology to your business needs through lecture, hands-on exercises, and business scenarios that include the application...
  • IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 Application Platform I (Course)

    Course Code: U5TA611G
    This course provides an introduction to application development on the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform. The course provides entry-level training for application developers and is designed for people...
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