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IBM Watson Application Developer v4 Bootcamp

Course Description:This course provides attendees with instruction to learn about AI and IBM Watson services for individual learning and product skills enablement. Instruction is provided on the...

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$4,000 USD GSA  $3,425.69
Course Code U5WAD40G
Duration 5 days
Available Formats Classroom, Virtual
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Course Description:

This course provides attendees with instruction to learn about AI and IBM Watson services for individual learning and product skills enablement. 

Instruction is provided on the following, as well as other related topics:

• AI concepts including Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Intents, Relationships, Entities, Machine Learning Model Evaluating Metrics, and Watson services, their use cases and APIs

• Watson Assistant including concepts such as assistant, skill, dialog, utterance, digression and slot, as well as authentication, error handling, data handling, methods, metrics, and using the Voice Agent with Watson Assistant

• Watson Discovery including concepts such as environment, projects, collections, documents, enrichments and queries as well as authentication, error handling, data handling, methods and training Watson Discovery using Watson Knowledge Studio

• Watson Speech services and concepts such as web sockets and HTTP interfaces, error handling, data handling, training methodologies and training data formats as well as authentication, methods and use cases including: Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Language Translator, and Voice Agent with Watson

• Watson Language Processing services including Natural Language Classifier, Tone Analyzer, Natural Language Understanding and their authentication, service endpoints, error handling, data handling, training methodologies, training data formats, concepts, methods and features. Tone categories are covered for emotion and language and customer engagement

• Watson service integration with 3rd party technology, Watson Service Pricing Plans, Introduction to IBM Cloud and Introduction to IBM Cloud Pak for Data

• Other Watson services including Personality Insights, Visual Recognition, Watson Knowledge Studio and Watson Studio


This course is designed for application developers and IT Professionals who need to quickly acquire skills to understand and work with Watson services.


Although not mandatory, having the following skills will greatly assist with understanding the concepts in this course:

• Working knowledge of AI concepts such as intent, relationships, entities, and ground truth

• Basic knowledge of machine learning methods and technologies

• Working knowledge of developing an application using IBM Watson AI services

• Working knowledge of core IBM Cloud services (monitoring, logging, scaling), and security

• Working knowledge of designing, developing and deploying RESTful APIs

• Working knowledge of use cases for IBM Watson AI services

• Working knowledge of the application starter kits and demos available on IBM Cloud

• Basic knowledge of application development using common web technologies such as Node.js, Javascript and HTML


After completing this course, you should be able to:

• Understand AI basic concepts including cognitive computing, machine learning, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, fitting a model, training, validation and test data, and evaluating a model

• Understand the following IBM Watson AI services, their use cases, and combining these for choreographed solutions:

o Watson Assistant

o Watson Discovery

o Natural Language Classifier

o Natural Language Understanding

o Language Translator

o Personality Insights

o Speech to Text

o Text to Speech

o Tone Analyzer

o Visual Recognition

o Watson Knowledge Studio

o Watson Studio

o Voice Agent

• Create an account on IBM Cloud

• Create and invoke IBM Watson services on IBM Cloud

• Use Tooling to work with IBM Watson services

• Use APIs to work invoke IBM Watson services

• Understand the process of obtaining credentials for Watson AI services on IBM Cloud

• Understand Watson Service Pricing Plans

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