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ExitCertified instructor-led training includes plenty of hands-on lab work!

As a premier Red Hat partner we give IT professionals the training they need to validate and build their technical skills and expertise required by top fortune 500 companies. If, you are an employer looking to develop qualified teams in Red Hat we do provide comprehensive training to help your organization innovate faster and accomplish your objectives more efficiently. Ready to begin building your Red Hat skills?

We are honored that ExitCertified has been named Red Hat Premier Training Partner of the Year for 2018.

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Take an online Red Hat Skills Assessment. Use the skills assessment tool to discover what training opportunities you may benefit from.

Why get Red Hat Certified?

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Get real-world experience

93% of Red Hat Certified Professionals agree that Red Hat’s real-world content and validation through lab-based exams provide a better measure of skills and knowledge. 96% of Red Hat students say they are better prepared post-class to maximize the value of their Red Hat Technology Investment.

Show Off Your IT skills

Be part of the change 

Red Hat is not just about Linux, it’s also the most recognized OpenSource brand for the enterprises and has a full stack of infrastructure components (Platform, Storage, Automation and Orchestration, Middleware, Private Cloud, Virtualization), ensuring the skills you learn are extremely valuable to large companies.

career growth

Stand out from the crowd

Red Hat certification is very much in demand for all Linux Administrator jobs. 82% of job postings on popular job sites are for Red Hat Certified Professionals. Red Hat has a number of clients all over the globe that need professionals to help them to manage their datacenters and transform their technologies to the new era.

Show Off Your IT skills

Advance your career

Of all the professional certifications out there, Red Hat is the most highly regarded in the IT world. 84% of Red Hat Certified Professionals believe Red Hat Certification has helped or will help them in their current job.

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Keep your skills relevant

Once you have earned a Red Hat certification you’ll get access to Red Hat Certification Central, which allows you to connect with potential employers, and join the Red Hat community.

Show Off Your IT skills

Experience the impact

Red Hat Linux system administrator salaries are 10% higher than other Linux system administrators.

How to choose the right Red Hat Certification?

Red Hat offers numerous professional certification programs which are well structured to giving you the specialty training needed to solve problems faster and reduce downtime. Whether you’re a Linux administrator, enterprise developer, architect or system engineer, you choose the set of eligible certifications that best suits your professional needs. The most popular and sought-after Red Hat certification are Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA).

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If you wish to demonstrate greater depth and breadth of knowledge and skills then RHCA is the best choice with specialties in Cloud, Datacenter, Application platform, Application Development and DevOps.

With training, exams and certification paths available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenStack platform, JBoss® Middleware, Cloud, DevOps, and more…you’ll have the skills needed for success.

How to choose the right Red Hat Certification?

Red Hat performance-based certifications are great for companies that are looking to train their employees on solution-focused courses that increase workplace productivity and boosts overall performance.

A study done by IDC interviewed organizations representing a variety of industries on how Red Hat® Training and Certification impact their IT operations, showed the following results:

IT professionals taking group skills assessment
  • 20% efficiency improvement in infrastructure management.
  • Organizations that use Red Hat Training experienced 71% less unplanned downtime.
  • 36% more efficient help desk response, and a three year ROI of 389%. (Data Source, Red Hat)
  • 12% faster application development times.
  • 142% increase in number of new features added per year.

A key lesson from the study is that certification and training can make all the difference to a company being more productive, deploy compute resources faster and resolve outages sooner.

If, you are ready to start your group training and maximize your budget we do provide private group training that fits your needs.

How ExitCertified Helps You Learn, Prepare and Practice for Red Hat Certification?

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  • Our classes are taught by accredited Red Hat technical instructors who come with real-world expertise.
  • Get access to a dedicated Red Hat team to guide and to help you choose the right path.
  • We offer an extensive in-class, online, virtual, remote classroom and, on-site student training programs.
  • As a Red Hat Partner, we only use official Red Hat material.
  • Test and Practice your Red Hat learning through lab workshops.

Bundle a Course + Exam and Save

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Red Hat course + exam bundles make it easy to save money, while choosing your course and certification exam together at registration. With Red Hat course + exam bundles you have the flexibility to choose a course delivered in any training modality along with the corresponding exam – voucher or kiosk – the choice is yours!

Red Hat Learning Subscription

Red Hat is simply one of the best subscription model in the industry. You get access to tremendous about of knowledge at unbelievable price.

A Red Hat Learning Subscription gives you 1‑year of unlimited access to all of Red Hat’s Online Learning courses, including videos, courses, and hands-on labs. Content is continuously being updated so you’ll always have access to the latest course releases and updates.

Get a 7-day free trial

Take Advantage of a free trial to get a preview of the portal and lab environments. Start learning with access to a chapter of every course in the catalog including early access and video classroom courses.

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