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Oracle HCM Cloud: Goal and Performance Management

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  • Course Code D103484GC10
  • Duration 3 days
  • Available Formats Virtual

This Oracle HCM Cloud: Goal and Performance Management training teaches you how to implement, configure and use Oracle Talent Management Cloud to manage goals and performance management. Explore talent management setup and management tasks through detailed conceptual information, demonstrations, and hands-on activities.

Learn To:

  • Create, manage and assign goals and goal plans for employees and organizations
  • Create questionnaires for performance documents
  • Configure templates to create performance documents
  • Evaluate employee performance

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you will develop the skills to execute a smooth, rapid implementation of the Goal and Performance Management features for Oracle HCM Cloud: Talent Management. It also helps you understand the configuration options so that you can make improved decisions during your implementation. Additionally, you create and manage performance goals and performance documents to empower employees to set meaningful goals and capture feedback from multiple sources to provide a well-rounded portrait of your employees.

Skills Gained

  • Identify key concepts of Goal and Performance Management that determine a successful implementation
  • Configure and manage Goal and Performance Management tasks
  • Validate your setup by entering data and performing common Talent Management processes

Who Can Benefit

  • Cloud Administrator
  • End User
  • Implementer
  • System Administrator 


Suggested Prerequisites: • Oracle HCM Cloud: Profile Management • CDT Introduction to Oracle HCM Cloud • Oracle HCM Cloud: Extensibility • Oracle HCM Cloud: Security

Course Details


  • Overview
    • Course Objectives
    • Information Resources
  • Goal Management Overview
    • Introduce the key processes and concepts of Talent Management
    • Functional Setup Manager Overview
    • Goal Tracking
    • Goal Components
  • Goal Management Setup and Maintenance 
    • Goal Management Setup and Maintenance
    • Lookups, Flexfields, and Profile Options
  • Review Periods 
    • Creating Review Periods
  • Goal Library 
    • Managing the Goal Library
  • Goal Plans 
    • Managing Employee and Organization Goal Plans
    • Managing Goal Sets
  • Eligibility Profiles for Goals 
    • Determining Goal Eligibility
  • Create Goals 
    • Managing Goals
  • Mass Assignment of Goals 
    • Administering and Mass Assigning Goals
  • Performance Management Overview 
    • Performance Management Overview
    • Anytime Performance Documents
    • Employee Check-In
  • Performance Management Setup and Maintenance 
    • Performance Profile Options and Descriptive Flexfields
    • Performance Roles and Matrix Management
  • Performance Process Flows 
    • Process Flow Determination
  • Eligibility Profiles for Performance Documents 
    • Eligibility Profiles
  • Questionnaires 
    • Question Library
    • Question and Response Types
    • Questionnaire Templates
    • Creating Questionnaires
  • Performance Document Types 
    • Managing Performance Document Types
  • Performance Templates 
    • Performance Templates and Performance Template Sections
  • Evaluate Performance 
    • Perform an Evaluation
    • Administration and Monitoring Tasks for Employee Performance


  • Lesson and Course Learning Objectives
  • Course Agenda
  • Outline of Course Hands-On Activities
  • Oracle Resources
  • Demonstrating Oracle Applications Help
  • Audting Talent Management Business Objects

Introducing Functional Setup Manager

  • Key Benefits of Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager
  • Manage Setup Data
  • Identify the Functional Setup Methodology
  • Enable offerings, functional areas, and features

Manage Common Talent Objects

  • Creating Review Periods
  • Managing Performance Document Types
  • Managing the Goal Library
  • Talent Management Notifications

Goal Management Concepts

  • Goal Management Concepts and Actions
  • Goal Types
  • Goal Management Setup
  • Lookups, Flexfields, and Profile Options

Managing Goal Plans

  • Managing Goal Plans
  • Managing Goal Sets
  • Goal Eligibility

Using Goal Management

  • Administering and Mass Assigning Goals
  • Managing Worker and Organization Goals

Define Questionnaires

  • Questionnaire Concepts
  • Managing Questions
  • Question Library
  • Question and Response Types
  • Questionnaire Templates
  • Creating Questionnaires

Understanding and Defining Worker Performance

  • Performance Management Overview
  • Performance Profile Options and Descriptive Flexfields
  • Performance Roles and Matrix Management
  • Eligibility Profiles and Process Flow Definitions

Configuring Sections, Document Types and Templates

  • Performance Templates and Performance Template Sections

Using Performance Management

  • Performance Documents and Worker Evaluations
  • Administration and Monitoring Tasks for Worker Performance

Course Summary

  • Course Summary

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Great instructor and good class material. Labs were helpful and put together very well.

Joel Rosenblum is an excellent instructor. Would gladly take more courses he taught. Extremely knowledgeable with the content and real world experience with the tech. Gotcha issues provided by him to look for in tech were very useful. Very friendly and available during and after class time.

Tom Peters was very helpful initially and once voucher was confirmed valid. Tom P required Kyle Banas to approve my voucher that was earned for selling certain quantity of M365 licenses. Request confirmation voucher was valid less than 3 months from notification. Tom P CC'd Kyle B on email to confirm. Kyle to several weeks and MANY email requests without ever responding to request. Tom P eventually approved the voucher.

Content was excellent. Labs and lab environment was excellent.

Thank you for training on AWS development. Course was good and encouraging but labs need to be improved and provide more information and ask students to more work than provide solutions.

Very prompt during an issue that occurred, and accidentally contacted an individual on their vacation, but they quickly pointed me to another individual who got my issue resolved.

The format and presentation using the iMVP software worked as well.

Exit Certified made the learning process fun and understandable . Highly Recommend !!!

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