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Oracle HCM Cloud: Recruiting

Course Details
Code: D103488GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,386.00 • Virtual (1.5 days)

Oracle Recruiting Cloud is designed to improve candidate quality and recruiting speed with a comprehensive recruiting solution. Administrators and implementers will learn about the recruiting life cycle and how to configure Recruiting key features for end users to source and hire candidates. Although this is not an end user course, some lessons include the end user experience to get familiar with some of the components in the system.

Learn To:

  • Describe the basic functions of Oracle Recruiting Cloud and understand the end user experience.
  • Administer both Policy and Administrator managed RAC databases.
  • Manage Recruiting settings and security.
  • Setup all Job Requisition-realted components including templates and questionnaires.
  • Configure the Candidate Selection Process.
  • Configure the Career Site for candidate applications.
  • Setup Job Offers and Campaign features as well as other administrative tasks.

Benefits to You

Improve candidate quality and recruiting speed by implementing a comprehensive recruiting solution. Configure powerful sourcing tools and a compelling candidate experience. Work with data already maintained in your Oracle HCM Cloud solution.

Career Site

You'll learn how to configure the look and feel of the centerpiece component of Recruiting, the candidate Career Site.

Candidate Selection Process

Use the easy-to-use drag and drop candidate selection tool to design a process flow that reflects your organization's process for hiring candidates.

Functional Setup Manager for Recruiting

Participants will work within the Functional Setup Manager as well as other HCM work areas to configure Recruiting.

A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Skills Gained

  • Setup role-based user security related to Recruiting
  • Manage settings and tasks related to Recruiting
  • Develop content for the content library
  • Create job requisition questions and questionnaires
  • Configure job requisition templates
  • Describe and configure the candidate selection process
  • Configure job application flows
  • Configure the career site for the candidate experience
  • Configure job offers
  • Configure the use of recruiting campaigns
  • Define and implement other administrative tasks
  • List the basic functions of Oracle Recruiting Cloud
  • Describe the end user experience for recruiters
  • hiring managers and candidates


  • Oracle HCM Cloud: Using Global Human Resources
  • Oracle HCM Cloud: Security

Course Details

Introduction to Recruiting

  • Define the basic goals of using Oracle Recruiting Cloud
  • Describe the basic recruiting life cycle
  • Examine prerequisites necessary for implementing Recruiting
  • List the key steps for implementing Recruiting
  • Access the main areas of the application related to configuring Recruiting
  • Explain the benefits and key concepts of Oracle Functional Setup Manager
  • Use the Opt In feature to enable offerings, functional areas, and features

Getting to Know Recruiting – the End User Experience

  • List the end users and activities involved in Recruiting
  • Examine the end user experience from the Recruiter, Hiring Manager and Candidate perspectives

Configuring Recruiting Users and Security

  • Examine the various user roles involved in Recruiting
  • Examine the main privileges associated with Recruiting
  • Identify the implementation steps to configuring Recruiting users and security
  • Modify the Job Requisition Security Profile for data security related to requisitions

Recruiting and Candidate Experience Management

  • Examine key settings and configurations
  • Define the Recruiting Content Library and configure content
  • Configure geography hierarchies for recruiting activity

Configuring Job Application Questions

  • Examine how to use job application questions to hire candidates
  • Describe the job application question life cycle
  • Discuss the implementation steps for configuring job application questions
  • Examine and create a disqualification question
  • Examine and create a job application question
  • List job application question role privileges
  • Work with questionnaires on a job requisition template
  • Understand strategies and management of questions

Configuring Job Requisition Templates

  • Examine the job requisition template creation life cycle
  • Create job requisition templates
  • Perform job requisition template actions
  • Discuss rules and strategies related to job requisition templates

Configuring the Candidate Selection Process

  • Define Candidate Selection Process Phases and States
  • Create a Candidate Selection Process

Configuring Job Application Flows

  • Access job application flow configuration
  • Create an external job application flow
  • Examine content fields contained in application flow blocks

Configuring Career Sites for the Candidate Experience

  • Configure the External Candidate Experience Career Site
  • Configure Career Site Design

Configuring Job Offers

  • Examine the offer phase and job offer life cycle
  • List the implementation steps for configuring job offers
  • Describe security privileges related to job offers
  • Discuss strategies related to job offers

Other Configuration Tasks

  • Create interview questionnaires
  • Examine recruiting workflow notifications
  • Configure social networking objects
  • Work with scheduled processes
  • Configure recruiting campaigns

Final End User Experience

  • Confirm a job application
  • Create and extend an offer as an end user
  • View HR activities
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