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Fusion Applications R8: Administer using EM12c Cloud Control

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  • Course Code D87553GC10
  • Duration 3 days
  • Available Formats Classroom

This Fusion Applications R8: Administer using EM12c Cloud Control training teaches you about the main features of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. Learn how to manage a Fusion Applications Release 8 environment.

Learn To:

  • Install EM Cloud Control with Fusion Applications Management Pack.
  • Discover a Fusion Applications environment, including the Databases, Identity Management and Fusion Applications product families and domains.
  • Manage the configuration of all components in a Fusion Applications environment.
  • Use standards to manage configuration compliance.
  • Use Incident Manager and Diagnostic Dashboard to diagnose and troubleshoot problems.
  • Use Support Workbench to create service requests and efficiently coordinate with Oracle Support.
  • Manage simple administration jobs using the Enterprise Manager job system.
  • Monitor Fusion Applications jobs submitted through the Enterprise Scheduling Service.

Benefits to You

By enrolling in this course, you'll walk away with a deeper knowledge of how to best leverage the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c solution. Through working with expert Oracle University instructors, you'll develop the knowledge to use the administration interfaces that are provisioned along with Oracle Fusion Applications and more.

Skills Gained

  • Use the administration interfaces that are provisioned along with Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c with the Fusion Applications Management Pack
  • Discover the different components of Fusion Applications in Cloud Control
  • Configure groups
  • dynamic groups
  • and administrative groups for easier management
  • Manage configurations and implement default compliance rules
  • Monitor Fusion Applications environment using monitoring templates
  • Manage incidents using Incident Manager and Support Workbench
  • Use Diagnostic Dashboard to diagnose problems across the enterprise
  • Use the Enterprise Manager jobs system to run administrative jobs
  • Overview of monitoring Enterprise Scheduling Service Jobs


  • Knowledge of Fusion Applications components and topology is an essential prerequisite.
  • Knowledge of Enterprise Cloud Control is very helpful.

Course Details

Introduction to Fusion Applications Administration Interfaces

  • Oracle Fusion Applications: Introduction Administration Tools
  • A brief comparison of Enterprise Management products
  • Using command line tools to start and stop Fusion Applications
  • Using Fusion Applications Control
  • Using WebLogic Server Administration Console

Introduction to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

  • Fusion Applications administration challenges
  • EM Cloud Control capabilities in Fusion Applications environment
  • EM Cloud Control Architecture
  • Installation process
  • Agents and agent installation options
  • EM Cloud Control implementation lifecycle
  • Command line interface
  • Cloud Control security and roles

Discovering Fusion Applications targets in Cloud Control

  • Discovery process in Fusion Applications environment
  • Discovering hosts and database instances
  • Discovering Identity Management environment
  • Discovering Fusion Applications targets
  • Discoveing Oracle HTTP Server outside firewall
  • Discoveing Business Intelligence domain
  • Refreshing Fusion Applications
  • Target credential management

Managing groups

  • Challenges in managing numerous components
  • Introduction to groups and types of groups
  • Creating and deleting a group
  • Assigning membership by criteria
  • Target properties and dynamic groups
  • Use of Administration groups
  • What are blackouts
  • Initiating and ending blackouts

Configurations and compliance

  • Challenges in managing configurations
  • Fusion Instance configuration hierarchy
  • Capturing Fusion Applications target configurations
  • Comparing configurations using comparison templates
  • Synchronizing configuration differences
  • Compliance framework, standards, and rules
  • Associating standards with administration groups
  • Monitoring compliance

Monitoring using monitoring templates

  • Monitoring using Fusion Applications Control
  • Monitoring using Cloud Control
  • Monitoring Fusion Instance – system performance
  • Metric and collection settings
  • Customization and related Challenges
  • What is a Monitoring Template
  • Managing monitoring template
  • What is a template collection

Managing incidents using Incident Manager and Support Workbench

  • Diagnostic Framework
  • Incident management
  • Using Incident Manager and managing incidents
  • Managing responses to incicents
  • Support Workbench
  • Viewing a Fusion Aggregated diagnostic summary
  • Creating incident packages

Managing Log Files and Diagnostic Tests

  • Incidents, log files, and quick trace
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Logfile administration
  • Searching in logfiles
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Diagnostic dashboard
  • Running diagnostic tests
  • Viewing and purging test results

Using the EM Job System

  • EM Cloud Control job system - overview
  • Using predefined jobs
  • Creating jobs
  • Job executions
  • Reviewing job results

Introduction to administering ESS jobs

  • Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) - Features
  • ESS - job modeling and execution modeling
  • Sequence of request execution
  • ESS monitoring using Cloud Control or Fusion Applications Control
  • Work allocation and work shift
  • Work assignments and processor binding
  • Purge policy
  • Monitoring submitted job requests

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The course material and instructor were very good. easy to follow, lab was setup nicely and was able to complete most of the lab material.
The Koretex App is absolute garbage and very cumbersome to use on a tablet/ipad. A PDF file would be 100 times better than that atrocious app.
As a recommendation this class should be 5 days instead of 4 as some chapters had to be rushed.

The class is a good review of the services available in AWS.

In my mind. Myles Brown is an excellent instructor. His teaching approach agrees with me. No discernible stress about public speaking. Very engaging.

Enroll in the course offerings? Will enroll at the drop of a hat if approved. To ask mgmt to approve enrolment is another matter for me. Nothing to do with your company. Just a statement of fact.

Maybe a course on Google and MS Azure like this will be nice. If you have alternative options to mgmt, it is more likely that they shall have to choose one. Allow us to enroll.

Took 3-day AWS DEV class with Ken Krueger teaching it, and I was very pleased with TechData ExitCertified overall - the Class materials and Knowledge/Interaction level from the Instructor (Ken K.) were excellent. Highly recommended, 5 Stars!

Company offers excellent training course options, that helps with your career advancement.

Great instruction on AWS DevOps, even added more to the presentation for better understanding. The teacher was well informed and technically savvy to assist students on the fly through hiccups.

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