Fusion Applications R8: Installation and Patching (Training On Demand)

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Code: D91494GC10
Tuition (USD): $4,075.00 $3,871.25 • Self Paced (5 days)
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $3,489.92 • Self Paced (5 days)

No hands-on lab environment for the Training On Demand course format

This Fusion Applications R8: Installation and Patching training is based on Oracle Fusion Applications Release 8. It will teach you how to plan, install and patch the Oracle Fusion Applications and Oracle Fusion Middleware components used in Oracle Fusion Applications Release 8.

Learn To:

  • Install and configure an Oracle Database for applications transactions.
  • Plan for installing Oracle Fusion Applications.
  • Prepare a provisioning response file using the provisioning wizard.
  • Install, deploy and configure Oracle Fusion Applications.
  • Start and use the Identity Management environment with Fusion Applications.
  • Perform life cycle operations for Middleware components in Fusion Applications environment.
  • Start, stop, configure and administer Oracle Fusion Applications processes.
  • Apply Fusion Applications patches using FAPMGR utility.
  • Apply Fusion Middleware patches using FASPOT utility.

Benefits to You

The practices in this course will involve you working in teams. Each team provisions one Oracle Fusion Applications Release 8 environment. You'll get a broad overview of how to use an Identity Management environment that's pre-configured for use with Oracle Fusion Applications.

Please Note:

  • This course does not cover the functional setup and functional administration of Oracle Fusion Applications.
  • It's mainly focused on Fusion Applications provisioning in on-premise environments.
  • The practices have been developed and validated only on Fusion Applications Release 8.

Skills Gained

  • Install and configure Oracle Database 11g for use with Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Run the Provisioning Wizard to install, configure and start Oracle Fusion Application environment
  • Patch Fusion Applications and Fusion Middleware components
  • Start and stop components in the Oracle Fusion Applications environment
  • Monitor Oracle Fusion Applications using Fusion Applications Control
  • Describe the concepts and components of Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Verify access to the necessary Identity and Access Management environment
  • Use the Provisioning Wizard to create response file

Who Can Benefit

  • Administrator
  • Implementer
  • Manager
  • System Integrator


Suggested Prerequisite

  • Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2: Essentials Ed 2
  • Fusion Applications R8: Provision Identity Management Ed 1

Required Prerequisite

  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I Ed 2
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Administration Overview Ed 1

Course Details


  • Introduction to Fusion Applications
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Components: Overview
  • Provisioning Overview
  • Installing a Database for Application Transactions
  • Creating Provisioning Plans
  • Provisioning a New Environment
  • Basic Administration
  • Monitoring Applications
  • Patching Fusion Applications
  • Patching Platform for Fusion Applications (P4FA) Using FASPOT
  • Introducing Oracle Fusion Application
  • About Oracle Fusion Applications Architecture
  • Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications product families
  • Key Concepts of Fusion Applications and Middleware
  • Adoption Options for Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion Middleware Components: Overview

  • An overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware components
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware in Fusion Applications environment
  • About Basic Management of WebLogic Server
  • An overview of Identity Management components in Fusion Applications

Provisioning Overview

  • Provisioning term explanation (install, configure, and deploy)
  • Provisioning and the Installation Process Roadmap
  • Provisioning wizard options
  • About Directory Structure
  • Explaining Fusion Applications topology
  • About installation guidelines and initial setup tasks
  • Preparing for an installation
  • Configuring the Identity Management environment

Installing a Database for Application Transactions

  • About Database installation options
  • Installing the database
  • Discussing default configuration parameters
  • Configuring the database using the Provisioning Wizard
  • Configuring Oracle Fusion Applications schema with RCU

Creating Provisioning Plans

  • What is a provisioning plan
  • Installation considerations
  • Creating a provisioning plan
  • Starting the provisioning wizard
  • About wizard instructions
  • About installation paths and optimal outcomes
  • Updating an Existing Plan

Provisioning a New Environment

  • Types of hosts in a multiple-host environment
  • Installation phases
  • Running the installation phases
  • Installing and configuring product offerings
  • Installation location details
  • Basic troubleshooting the provisioning process
  • Post-installation tasks

Basic Administration

  • Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications administration tools
  • Comparing functionality of admin tools
  • Using Fusion Applications Control
  • Navigating within Fusion Applications Control
  • Using Fusion Applications Control to start and stop components at different levels
  • Viewing component ports
  • Starting and stopping components, environment, and cluster
  • Starting and stopping using the node manager

Monitoring Applications

  • Monitoring the product family
  • Verifying the status of applications
  • Monitoring business performance metrics for a product family
  • Monitoring business performance metrics for a product
  • Monitoring business performance metrics for applications and infrastructure

Patching Fusion Applications

  • Fusion Applications Patch Manager framework
  • Fusion Applications Patch Types
  • Patching Utilities
  • Fusion Applications patching operations
  • Verifying patches already applied in the environment
  • Validating new patches using Fusion Applications Patch Manager
  • Applying patches using Fusion Applications Patch Manager

Patching Platform for Fusion Applications (P4FA) Using FASPOT

  • Platform for Fusion Applications (P4FA) patches overview
  • Apply patches to the databases using OPatch
  • FASPOT utility overview
  • Configure FASPOT in the Fusion Applications environment
  • Apply Fusion Middleware and Identity Management patches using FASPOT
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