Fusion Applications R8: Provision Identity Management

Course Details
Code: D87551GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,954.00 • Classroom (2 days)

This Fusion Applications R8: Provision Identity Management training is based on Fusion Applications Release 8, and is a prerequisite for Fusion Applications R8: Installation and Patching. The course trains you to setup Oracle Identity Management for Fusion Applications using the Identity Management Provisioning Wizard.

Learn To:

  • Select an appropriate topology for your Identity Management environment.
  • Setup Identity Management provisioning framework and Provisioning Wizard.
  • Provision the Identity Management environment that includes Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Identity Manager, and Oracle SOA.
  • Validate the provisioned environment.
  • Create the Identity Management input for Fusion Applications provisioning.

Benefits to You

By enrolling in this course, you'll become familiar with how Oracle Fusion Applications leverage Oracle Identity Management's comprehensive suite of products to tackle all aspects of identity and access management.

Participate in Hands-On Exercises

This course also gives you hands on experience setting up Oracle Identity Management for Fusion Applications. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you the necessary skills to install and configure Oracle Database for creating the Identity Management component schema.

Skills Gained

  • Install Oracle Database 11g and configure Identity Management schema
  • Install the Identity Management Provisioning Framework
  • Create an Identity Management Provisioning Profile
  • Provision an Identity Management environment
  • Validate the provisioned environment
  • Create the Identity Management properties file for use in Fusion Applications provisioning
  • Describe the procedure to implement server migration
  • Perform start / stop of the Identity Management environment
  • Perform backup of the Identity Management environment

Course Details

Fusion Applications Identity and Access Management Overview

  • Fusion Applications Security
  • Role based access control
  • Directory Services overview
  • Identity and Policy stores
  • Identity Management
  • Access Management
  • Single Sign-On

Identity Management topology

  • About the Directory Tier
  • About the Application Tier
  • Single Domain and Split Domain Topologies
  • About the Web Tier
  • Hardware Requirements for an Enterprise Deployment
  • Virtual server names and IP
  • Preparing the File System for an Enterprise Deployment

Setting up Databases for Identity Management

  • Install and create a database
  • Create a database using DBCA
  • Setup database initialization parameters
  • Create schemas using Repository Creation Utility

Preparing for Provisioning Identity Management

  • Assembling Information for Identity Management Provisioning
  • Creating an Oracle Fusion Applications Provisioning Repository
  • Verifying Java
  • Installing the IDM Provisioning Wizard
  • Checking Port Availability
  • Running the Identity Management Provisioning Wizard to Create a Profile
  • Update User Names in Provisioning Response File

Provisioning Identity Management

  • Introduction to the Provisioning Process
  • Provisioning Procedure
  • Check List and Post-Provisioning Configuration
  • Updating Oracle HTTP Server Runtime Parameters
  • Adding SOA Locations to Web Tier
  • Creating ODSM Connections to Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Post-Provisioning Steps for OIM and OAM
  • Passing Configuration Properties File to Oracle Fusion Applications

Validating Provisioning

  • Validating the Administration Server
  • Validating the Oracle Access Manager Configuration
  • Validating Oracle Directory Services Manager (ODSM)
  • Validating Oracle Identity Manager
  • Validating WebGate and the Oracle Access Manager Single Sign-On Setup

Configuring Server Migration

  • Overview of Server Migration for an Enterprise Deployment
  • Setting Up the Server Migration Leasing
  • Creating a Multi Data Source
  • Setting Up Node Manager for Server Migration
  • Setting Environment and Superuser Privileges
  • Configuring Server Migration Targets
  • Testing the Server Migration
  • Backing Up the Server Migration Configuration
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