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Oracle Comms Number Port for GSM (G-PORT) Ed 2

The Number Portability for GSM (G-Port) course provides students with an overview of the G-Port network architecture, GSM network components and terminology. This course identifies the purpose and...

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Course Code D89183GC20
Duration 1 day
Available Formats Classroom

The Number Portability for GSM (G-Port) course provides students with an overview of the G-Port network architecture, GSM network components and terminology. This course identifies the purpose and function of the G-Port feature, while going through call flows for the number portability and mobile number portability environments.

Learn To:

  • Describe how Message Signaling Units (MSUs) are affected by the G-Port feature.
  • Describe how the MSISDN is extracted from the MSU.
  • Describe how the MSISDN is conditioned for Real Time Database (RTDB) lookup.
  • Describe how the SRI (Send Routing Information) response is sent to its destination.

Benefits to You

Learn about EAGLE and EPAP implementation and activation steps supporting the G-PORT feature. For reporting and troubleshooting purposes, the student will learn how to retrieve measurements for the activated G-Port service.

This course also contains optional lessons that include, but are not limited to, routing procedures such as G-Port Circular Route Prevention, G-Port SCCP Service Re-Routing, GSM MAP SRI Redirect to serving HLR, Intra Network Number Portability, G-Port for SRI Query for Prepaid, GSM SMS/MMS NP, Service Portability and optional Digit Action Features.

A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Skills Gained

  • Locate additional detailed information in the Oracle documentation libraries used in this course
  • Describe G-Port and its relevance to Mobile Number Portability
  • Use the EAGLE commands for G-Port Provisioning
  • Activate the G-Port feature and its options
  • Describe additional features associated with G-Port


  • Oracle Comms EAGLE Maint and Database Administration
  • Number Portability
  • Oracle Comms EAGLE EPAP Administration (ITU Networks)
  • GSM

Course Details

GSM Network Overview in Non-Portability Environment

  • IMSI and MSISDN Overview
  • Numbering Plans Overview
  • Nature of Address Indicator Overview
  • Call-Related Call Flow (Simplified)
  • Non-Call-Related Call Flow (Simplified)

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Overview

  • What Is MNP
  • Three Types of Number Portability
  • Key Network Elements in an NP Domain
  • MNP Environment Needs
  • MNP Routing Options
  • High-Level Call Flow Example: Indirect Routing
  • Regulator Overview

GSM Portability (G-Port) Feature with Ported-Out and Ported-In Call Flows

  • GSM Mobile Number Portability Feature
  • G-Port Architecture
  • Which MSUs Are Affected by G-Port
  • G-Port for Ported-Out DNs with Information Extracted from SCCP
  • G-Port Call Flow Direct Routing for Ported-In DNs with Data Extracted from SCCP Layer
  • G-Port Non-Call-Related

G-Port Configuration

  • G-Port Configuration Prerequisites
  • G-Port Feature Activation
  • G-Port Configuration
  • Data Provisioning of the Database Modules
  • EPAP Provisioning Data Flow
  • EPAP Provisioning Configuration
  • EAGLE RTDB: Retrieve DN data

G-Port Measurements

  • Primary Functions of Measurements
  • Measurement Categories and Report Types
  • Measurement Report Characteristics
  • Measurement Documentation Layout
  • Measurement Information and Procedures
  • E5-OAM Integrated Measurements
  • G-Port Measurements

G-Port Supplemental Features

  • MNP Circular Route Prevention
  • Control Feature Activation
  • G-Port SCCP Service Re-Route
  • Route SRI_SM and ReportSMSDeliveryStatus for Non-local or Ported-out Subscribers Using GTT
  • Digit Action Expansion and DELCCPREFIX
  • Multiple Country Code
  • MSISDN Truncation Support for G-Port

G-Port SRI Query for Prepaid

  • G-Port SRI Query for Prepaid
  • G-Port SRI Query for Prepaid Function
  • G-Port SRI Query for Prepaid Feature Activation

GSM MAP SRI Redirect to Serving HLR and Intra Network Number Portability

  • GSM MAP SRI Redirect to Serving HLR Feature
  • GSM MAP SRI Redirect Vendor List and Examples
  • GSM MAP SRI Redirect Serving HLR
  • Intra Network Number Portability
  • Vendor Type, Number, ID, and GRN Tables
  • Intra Network Number Portability Processing Scenarios
  • Intra Network Number Portability Commands
  • Feature Configuration and Activation

Mobile Terminated–Based GSM SMS/MMS Number Portability

  • NP Support for SMS
  • MT-Based GSM SMS Number Portability
  • MT-Based GSM MMS Number Portability
  • MT-Based GSM SMS/MMS NP In-Network and Other Network Subscribers
  • MT-Based GSM SMS NP Feature Activation
  • MT-Based GSM MMS NP Feature Activation

Mobile Originated–Based GSM SMS Number Portability

  • Mobile Originated–Based GSM SMS Number Portability
  • Message Flow
  • System Options
  • Called Party is In-network Subscriber
  • Other Network Subscriber
  • Feature Control Requirements
  • Feature Activation Procedure

MO SMS GSM NP Numbering Plan Processor (NPP)

  • Numbering Plan Processor (NPP) Overview
  • Mobile Originated SMS NPP Feature
  • MO SMS NPP Message Processing
  • NPP Processing for GSM Protocol
  • Service Actions, Post NPP Processing, Conditioning Actions, and Fomatting Actions
  • MO SMS Additional Subscriber Data (ASD) and Generic Routing Number (GRN)
  • Provisioning NPP for MO SMS Features
  • MO SMS NPP Test Tool

Service Portability

  • Service Portability Definition
  • Service Portability Digits
  • Service Portability Versus IS41 GSM Migration
  • Supported Number Portability Features and Baseline Limitations
  • S-Port Subscriber Differentiation and Provisioning
  • SRI Query for Prepaid Without and with Service Portability
  • Service Portability for Mobile-Originated SMS