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Oracle Database 18c Training Courses


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  • Database 18c Topic: Database | Code: 18cDB-NF-ADMIN

    Oracle Database 18c: New Features for Administrators (Course)


    This course provides an overview of the Oracle Database 18c new features and enhancements related to Multitenant architecture, security, RMAN, general database areas, performance, data warehousing and...

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  • Database 18c Topic: Database | Code: D105098GC10

    Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop (Course)


    This training teaches you how to provision an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Service instance on Oracle Cloud that is suitable for your workload and requirements. This is a great starting point for...

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  • Database 18c Topic: Database | Code: ORCL-DB-APP-OVR

    Oracle Database Appliance Release 18c Overview (Course)


    The course covers planning, installation, and deployment of Oracle Database Appliance, Release 18c. Students will learn how Oracle Database Appliance compares to other Oracle engineered systems and...

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This course provides foundational knowledge of the various Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud services. This course will help you in developing a strong foundation in cloud computing, core concepts, and features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


This Learning Path provides knowledge to maintain your Oracle Cloud Infrastructures effectively and prepares you for the OCI Cloud Operations Associate Certification.


Gain strong knowledge in architecting infrastructure using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.


Learn about microservices and cloud native applications on OCI from conception to implementation.


This course is for developers and operators looking to collaboratively develop, build, test, and deploy software with OCI DevOps service.

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