R12.x Oracle HRMS People Management Fundamentals

Course Details
Code: PPL-MNGT-R12-x
Tuition (USD): $1,954.00 • Classroom (2 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,541.56 • Classroom (2 days)
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R12.x Oracle HRMS People Management Fundamentals (Training On Demand) (D99938GC10)

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1

Oracle HRMS enables you to enter and track employees and contingent workers from the day they apply for a job to the day they leave your enterprise. Using Oracle HRMS you can hold, inquire, report, and keep track on a wide range of personal and employment information. This can include medical details, work schedules, preferred language for correspondence and personal contacts, as well as the basic details such as date of birth, employee number, and addresses. This course enables you to identify the different workers in your enterprise and introduces the different ways you can represent your workforce using Oracle HRMS.

Learn To:
  • Organize your workforce exactly as your enterprise requires
  • Manage a global workforce while addressing local country requirements
  • Recognize Self-Service HR Capabilities
  • Use reporting tools to track your workforce, and ensure you meet corporate objectives

Skills Gained

  • Recognize the different interfaces for which you can enter and maintain people information
  • Recognize Self-Service HR capabilities
  • Describe person types
  • Identify components of the assignment
  • Describe collective agreements
  • Describe HRMS and HRMSi workforce reports
  • Demonstrate how to manage assignments
  • Demonstrate how to enter disability information
  • Describe how to terminate a person
  • Demonstrate how to transfer employees
  • Demonstrate how to create people records
  • Describe the key workforce concepts in Oracle HRMS
  • Identify the different workers in your enterprise
  • Understand how to represent your workforce using Oracle HRMS

Course Details

Overview of People Management

  • Understanding people management components
  • Identifying the different workers in your enterprise
  • Defining people
  • Describing person types
  • Describing the key workforce concepts in Oracle HRMS
  • Identifying components of the assignment
  • Using assignments
  • Defining workforce relationships

Introduction to Recording People Information

  • Recognizing the different interfaces for which you can enter and maintain people information
  • Recognizing Self-Service HR capabilities
  • Understanding how to represent your workforce using Oracle HRMS
  • Recording people information
  • Using Windows and Templates
  • Using Employee SSHR
  • Using Manager SSHR

Set Up People Information

  • Defining person types
  • Understanding system and user person types
  • Identifying assignment statuses
  • Defining contract information
  • Defining user assignment statuses
  • Identifying contracts
  • Creating contracts
  • Defining additional information

Collective Agreements

  • Identifying collective agreements
  • Defining collective agreements
  • Defining entitlement items
  • Defining derived factors
  • Defining eligibility profiles
  • Using collective agreements
  • Processing collective agreements

Entering People Information

  • Understanding the hiring process
  • Hiring a new person
  • Placing a contingent worker
  • Entering personal information
  • Entering statutory information
  • Entering additional personal information

Entering Assignment Information

  • Entering assignment information
  • Entering supervisor Information
  • Entering payroll information
  • Entering information for statutory reports
  • Maintaining multiple assignment
  • Entering contract information
  • Entering contingent worker assignment information

Managing People

  • Maintaining personal and assignment information
  • Entering information for additional assignments
  • Changing and ending primary assignments
  • Viewing and updating personal and professional information in SSHR
  • Promoting and transferring a person
  • Describing disability information
  • Maintaining multiple assignments
  • Managing people over time

Managing Schedules and Availability

  • HRMS and CAC Integrated Availability Features
  • Managing availability
  • Recording schedule information
  • Defining schedules
  • Defining calendar events

Employee Transfers and Secondments

  • Describing transfers and secondments
  • Deploying proposals
  • Initiating permanent transfers
  • Updating deployment proposals
  • Completing initial setup of employee records
  • Initiating temporary secondments

Reporting and Analyzing Workforce Information

  • Using Standard Reports
  • Using Statutory Reports
  • Using Discoverer Reports
  • Using HRMSi Reports
  • Using HRMSi Reports for Daily Business Intelligence

Tracking Tenure Information (U.S. Only)

  • Describing tenure
  • Entering tenure information
  • Tracking and reporting on tenure information

U.S. Government Reporting

  • Describing U.S. government-mandated reports
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Reporting Categories and Statuses


  • Ending assignments
  • Ending secondary assignments
  • Terminating assignments
  • Terminating employment
  • Ending contingent worker placements

Reinstating or Rehiring

  • Cancelling terminations
  • Rehiring
  • Understanding Back-to-Back Employment
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