R12 Oracle Purchasing Fundamentals

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Tuition (USD): $2,220.00 $2,109.00 • Self Paced
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,901.25 • Self Paced

In this course, participants learn how to set up and use R12 Oracle Purchasing to managing the purchasing process. They learn how to create and manage items, suppliers, requisitions, purchase orders, request for quotations, quotations, and receipts. They also learn how to apply document security, routing and approval methods, as well as how to automate the order creation process.

Learn To:
  • Set up and use Oracle Purchasing
  • Apply document security
  • Create requisitions and purchase orders
  • Apply routing and approval methods
  • Enter and manage receipts
  • Use the Professional Buyer's Work Center

Skills Gained

  • Create purchase requisitions
  • Create standard, blanket and contract purchase documents
  • Understand how to use the Auto-Create window, Create Releases program and the PO
  • Create Documents Workflow process to automate document creation
  • Create Standard, Express, Cascade receipts, Substitute receipts, Returns and Corrections
  • Set up Pay on Receipt
  • Define document approval and routing process
  • Define document security and access levels
  • Understand the Period Close process for Purchasing
  • Understand Purchasing administration
  • Describe how the Purchasing process fits into the Procure to Pay lifecycle
  • Define and maintain suppliers
  • Use the Professional Buyer's Work-center
  • Create request for quotations
  • Set up and use an approved supplier list and sourcing rules

Who Can Benefit

  • End User
  • Implementer

Course Details


  • Procure To Pay Lifecycle Overview
  • Procure to Pay Purchasing Overview
  • Locations, Organizations, Units of Measure and Items
  • Suppliers
  • RFQs and Quotations
  • Approved Supplier Lists and Sourcing Rules
  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Automatic Document Creation
  • Receiving
  • Professional Buyers Work Center
  • Document Security, Routing and Approval
  • Purchasing Accounting
  • Setup Steps
  • Procure to Pay Lifecycle
  • Oracle Procure to Pay Process

Procure to Pay Purchasing Overview

  • Overview of Purchasing Process
  • Integration with other Oracle Applications

Locations, Organizations, Units of Measure and Items

  • Enterprise Structure
  • Defining Locations
  • Inventory Organizations
  • Establishing Inventory Parameters
  • Units of Measure
  • Item Categories
  • Item Attributes Defining and Maintaining Items


  • Overview of Suppliers
  • Supplier Information
  • Supplier Site Information
  • Managing Suppliers
  • Reports
  • Financial Options
  • Profile Options

RFQs and Quotations

  • Request for Quotation Lifecycle
  • Creating and Maintaining Requests for Quotation
  • Creating a Supplier List
  • Quotations Lifecycle
  • Creating and Maintaining Quotations
  • Reports
  • Profile Options

Approved Supplier Lists and Sourcing Rules

  • Approved Supplier Lists
  • Supplier Statuses
  • Supplier-Commodity/Item Attributes
  • Sourcing Rules
  • Profile Options


  • Requisition Lifecycle
  • Notifications
  • Requisition Structure
  • Creating and Maintaining Requisitions
  • Supplier Item Catalog
  • Requisition Templates
  • Reports
  • Profile Options

Purchase Orders

  • Purchase Order Types
  • Purchase Order Components and Record Structure
  • Standard Purchase Order Elements
  • Contract Purchase Agreements
  • Purchase Order Revisions
  • Workflow Notifications
  • Reports

Automatic Document Creation

  • Creating Purchase Documents from Requisitions
  • Automatic Release Generation
  • Workflow Document Creation
  • Profile Options


  • Receiving Locations
  • Receipt Routing
  • Receipt Processing Methods
  • Receiving Tolerances
  • Entering Returns and Corrections
  • Overview of Pay on Receipt
  • Reports
  • Profile Options

Professional Buyer’s Work Center

  • Business Benefits of the Buyer’s Work Center
  • Requisitions in the Buyer’s Work Center
  • Standard Purchase Orders in the Buyer’s Work Center
  • Purchase Agreements in the Buyer’s Work Center
  • Setup
  • Implementation Considerations

Document Security, Routing and Approval

  • Document Security and Access Levels
  • Document Approval - Jobs and Positions
  • Position Approval Hierarchies
  • Document Types
  • Creating Approval Groups
  • Reports
  • Workflow

Purchasing Accounting

  • Overview of Purchasing Accounting
  • Closing the PO Period
  • Using foreign currency
  • Reports
  • Setup options

Setup Steps

  • Setting Up Document Sequences
  • Setting Up Key Profile Options
  • Setting Up Descriptive Flexfields
  • Defining Purchase Order Matching and Tax Tolerances
  • Defining Approval Groups and Assignments
  • Defining Purchasing Options
  • Setting Up Sourcing Rules and Assignments
  • Performing Additional System Administration
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