R12.x Oracle Production Scheduling

Course Details
Code: D88335GC10
Tuition (USD): $2,931.00 • Classroom (3 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $2,312.34 • Classroom (3 days)

This Oracle Production Scheduling training helps you build a foundation of knowledge to use Production Scheduling to build event driven resource constrained schedules. Production Scheduling will consider change overs, alternate resources, calendar events and resource loading when developing the schedule; the resulting schedule is then presented to you in both graphical and tabular format for review and fine tuning.

Learn To:

  • Define a model definition.
  • Configure production scheduling integration.
  • Configure scheduling strategies.
  • Generate a schedule.
  • Manage schedule alerts.
  • Review the schedule and resource loading.
  • Maintain and publish the schedule.
  • Reduce WIP.

Benefits to You

When you walk away from this course, you will have learned how to rapidly create schedules and will have a firm grasp on how to improve resource utilization. You will gain a better visualization and understanding of the production schedule, while evaluating alternate scheduling solutions.

Please Note:

This course is ideal for schedulers who are starting to use Oracle Production Scheduling.

Skills Gained

  • Learn the key features and capabilities of Production Scheduling
  • Understand how Production Scheduling is used in a typical Schedulers day
  • Learn how to navigate around Production Scheduling
  • How to define a Schedule and create a model
  • How to configure and solve a schedule
  • Reviewing and Managing of Scheduling Alerts
  • Manual Scheduling
  • Publish a Schedule
  • Understand the integration of Production Scheduling with VCP
  • EBS and E1

Course Details

Overview to Value Chain Planning Suite

  • Describe the Value Chain Planning Suite
  • Describe Production Scheduling position in the VCP Suite

Production Scheduling Overview

  • Production Scheduling business process.
  • Production Scheduling features.
  • Scheduling challenges
  • Production Scheduling benefits.
  • Understand How to Prepare a PS Model in Oracle E-Business Suite

Identifying Desktop Components

  • Describe the menu bar
  • Describe the toolbar.
  • Describe the Model Workspace.
  • Describe the Workbook

Understanding a Day of a Production Scheduler

Understanding Models and Data Editors

  • Describe the difference between models and schedules.
  • Describe data formats
  • Identify model elements.
  • Identify data editors.

Defining Resources

  • Describe resources.
  • Define resources.

Defining Operations

  • Describe operations.
  • Define operations.

Defining Routings

  • Describe routings.
  • Define routings

Working with Data Editors

  • Describe the calendar editor.
  • Describe the changeover editor
  • Describe the resource relationship editor.
  • Describe the supply and demand editor.
  • Describe the work order editor.
  • Describe supply and demand reservations.

Setting Up Models and Schedules

  • Set up scenario properties.
  • Set up solver options.

Solving and Viewing Schedules

  • Describe how to solve a scenario
  • Describe schedule views.
  • Understand ways to improve solve time and PS performance (Implementation tips).

Evaluating and Adjusting Schedules

  • Describe how to evaluate schedules.
  • Describe manual adjustments.

Publishing Schedules

  • Describe the publish process.
  • Describe publish profiles
  • Describe reports

Integrating Production Scheduling with Oracle E-Business Suite and JDE E1

  • Describe Production Scheduling integration to Oracle EBS and JDE E1 via VCP
  • Describe how to set up Production Scheduling integration.

Course Review

  • Describe the Advanced Supply Planning and the Production Scheduling business process flow.
  • Create models.
  • Create resources, operations, and routings.
  • Evaluate, solve, adjust and publish schedules.
  • Case Study
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