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Oracle Data Relationship Management 11.1.2 Administration ( (Training On Demand)

Course Details
Code: D90003GC20
Tuition (USD): $2,445.00 $2,322.75 • Self Paced (3 days)
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $2,093.95 • Self Paced (3 days)
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Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
Oracle Data Relationship Management 11.1.2 Administration ( (D69373GC20)

This Oracle Data Relationship Management 11.1.2 Administration training teaches you how to implement a Data Relationship Management application. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to start building the application structure by adding versions, hierarchies and nodes.

Learn To:

  • Support the application data.
  • Create properties both manually and in bulk through the Migration Utility.
  • Clean the data by creating queries and compares.
  • Update the data with action scripts.
  • Blend versions to create a final version.
  • Create business rules for your data by creating validations and derived properties with formulas and scripts.
  • Fine-tune the display of properties for nodes by setting up node types.
  • Export the data to a file and to a database table.

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll develop the knowledge and skills to complete the implementation. You'll walk away with the ability to set up user security, configure governance workflows and perform audit activities.

Please note that this course uses release software.

Skills Gained

  • Import data into applications
  • Query and compare application data
  • Set up node types
  • Export application data
  • Manage versions, hierarchies, and nodes
  • Manage security for applications
  • Audit application data
  • Configure Governance Workflows
  • Describe Data Relationship Management
  • Migrate metadata
  • Update application data with action scripts
  • Define properties for applications
  • Blend versions in applications
  • Create derived properties
  • Create validations for applications

Who Can Benefit

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Implementer

Course Details


  • Product Orientation
  • Working with Versions and Hierarchies
  • Working with Nodes
  • Defining
  • Importing Data
  • Querying and Comparing Data
  • Updating Data with Action Scripts
  • Blending Versions
  • Creating Derived Properties
  • Validating Data
  • Setting Up Node Types
  • Exporting Data
  • Managing Security
  • Configuring Governance Workflows
  • Analyzing Data Changes
  • About Data Relationship Management
  • Data Relationship Management Architecture
  • Implementation Process for Data Relationship Management Applications
  • Audiences for Data Relationship Management
  • Connecting to Applications with Web Client
  • Navigating Web Client

Working with Versions and Hierarchies

  • Working with Versions
  • Creating, Copying, backing Up, and Restoring Versions
  • Version Variables
  • Working with Hierarchies
  • Creating, Opening, and Deleting Hierarchies
  • Implementation Considerations

Working with Nodes

  • Creating Nodes
  • Adding, Deleting, Removing, and Inserting Nodes
  • Viewing Orphan Nodes
  • Copying, Moving, and Ordering Nodes
  • Creating Shared Nodes
  • Viewing and Editing Properties
  • Domain Membership for Nodes
  • Implementation Considerations

Defining Properties

  • About Custom Properties
  • Configuring Defined Properties
  • Configuring List Values
  • Configuring Lookup Values
  • Configuring Inheriting Properties
  • Assigning Controlling Hierarchies to Global Inheriting Properties
  • Creating Property Categories
  • Loading Metadata with the Migration Utility

Importing Data

  • About Importing Data
  • Importing from Files
  • Importing from Database Tables
  • Opening, Copying, and Deleting Imports
  • Creating Imports
  • Running Imports

Querying and Comparing Data

  • Searching for Nodes
  • Creating Queries
  • Creating Compares
  • Working with Query and Compare Results

Updating Data with Action Scripts

  • About Action Scripts
  • Creating Flat Files for Action Scripts
  • Loading Action Scripts from Flat Files
  • Running Action Scripts and Reviewing Results
  • Downloading Action Script Results
  • Automating Version Changes with Action Scripts from Transaction Logs
  • Modeling Nodes by Using Action Scripts

Blending Versions

  • About Blending Versions
  • Opening, Copying, and Deleting Blenders
  • Creating Blenders
  • Running Blenders

Creating Derived Properties

  • About Derived Properties
  • Derived Properties Using Formulas
  • Formula Syntax
  • Creating Derived Properties Using Formulas
  • Testing Formulas
  • Derived Properties Using Scripts
  • Script Syntax
  • Creating Scripts

Validating Data

  • About Validations
  • Creating Validations
  • Validations Using Scripts
  • Assigning Validations to Versions, Hierarchies, and Nodes
  • Running Batch Validations
  • Attaching Batch Validation to Exports
  • Working with Batch Validation Results
  • Editing and Deleting Validations

Setting Up Node Types

  • About Node Types
  • Process for Setting Up Node Types
  • Creating, Editing, and Deleting Glyphs
  • Creating, Editing, and Deleting Node Types
  • Assigning Node Types to Nodes
  • Configuring Hierarchy Node Type Property Values
  • Troubleshooting Node Type Assignments

Exporting Data

  • About Exporting Data
  • About Export Types
  • Opening, Copying, and Deleting Exports
  • Creating Exports
  • Running Exports
  • Creating and Running Export Books

Managing Security

  • Security Levels
  • Managing User Security
  • Managing Access to Nodes
  • Interactive and Workflow Node Access Groups
  • Assigning Access to Property Categories
  • Assigning Access to Metadata Objects
  • Granting Anonymous Access

Configuring Governance Workflows

  • About Data Governance
  • Governance Workflow Objects
  • Workflow Tasks
  • Workflow Models
  • Working wih Requests
  • Navigating the Worklist
  • Request Lifecycle
  • Alerts and Notifications

Analyzing Data Changes

  • Querying and Viewing Transaction History
  • Downloading Transaction History
  • Analyzing Data Changes
  • Creating As-Of Versions
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