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Oracle Hyperion Financial Mgmt 11.1.2: Create Rules Using Calc Mgr( (Training On Demand)

Course Details
Code: D91030GC20
Tuition (USD): $3,260.00 $3,097.00 • Self Paced (4 days)
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $2,791.94 • Self Paced (4 days)
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Oracle Hyperion Financial Mgmt 11.1.2: Create Rules Using Calc Mgr( (D71843GC20)

This course is based on Oracle Hyperion Financial Management The class specifically covers creating rules and calculations in Hyperion Financial Management (rather than Hyperion Planning), and is designed to teach you how to create rules for advanced business calculations. The course is based on creating these rules and calculations within Calculation Manager. Expert Oracle University instructors will demonstrate how you can design, maintain, and execute complex rules by using Calculation Manager. Choose this course if you will use Calculation Manager.

Learn How To:

  • Create formulas, rules, rule sets and rules templates with Calculation Manager.
  • Reduce database size and calculation time by properly using the custom and value dimensions in rules.
  • Calculate percentages and ratios for dynamic accounts.
  • Create loops by using member lists and data ranges.
  • Create rules with proper data-handling techniques.
  • Create allocation, currency translation, consolidation and elimination rules.

Benefits to You

By investing in this course, you'll develop the knowledge and skills necessary to increase your organization's database performance, write rules for dynamic accounts and create translation and consolidation rules. You'll also walk away from this course with a new ability to effectively troubleshoot rules using log files.

Note: The Calculation Manager class is specifically for Calculation Manager with Hyperion Financial Management, not Calculation Manager for Hyperion Planning.

Skills Gained

  • Calculate percentages and ratios for dynamic accounts
  • Create loops by using member lists and data ranges
  • Create rules with proper data-handling techniques
  • Create allocation, currency translation, consolidation, and elimination rules
  • Create formulas, rules, rule sets, and rules templates with Calculation Manager
  • Reduce database size and calculation time by proper use of the custom and Value dimensions in rules

Who Can Benefit

  • Administrator
  • Developer

Course Details


Introduction to Calculation Manager,Creating Rules and Formulas,Managing Rules,Managing Templates,Reducing Maintenance with Variables,Managing Rule Scope with Conditions,Managing the Custom and ICP Dimensions,Troubleshooting with Log Files,Creating Rules Using Member Ranges,Improving Performance Using Data Units and Fixed Loops,Managing Financial Management Data,Managing Dimension Hierarchies,Creating Rules for Dynamic Accounts and Equity Pickup,Creating Allocations,Creating Currency Translation Rules,Creating Consolidation and Elimination Rules

  • Financial Management Rules
  • Calculation Manager Overview
  • Viewing Rules
  • Viewing Flow Charts
  • Printing Rules

Creating Rules and Formulas

  • Creating Rules
  • Creating Formula Components
  • Member Expressions in Calculation Statements
  • Operators, Keywords, and Functions
  • Validating Rules

Managing Rules

  • Creating and Validating Rule Sets
  • Deploying Rules
  • Importing and Exporting Calculation Manager Objects
  • Creating Rules as VB Script Components
  • Converting Script Components to Graphical Rules
  • Importing Rules From RLE Files

Managing Templates

  • Templates Overview
  • System Templates
  • Adding Templates to Rules
  • Creating Custom-Defined Templates
  • Saving Rules and System Templates as Custom-Defined Templates

Reducing Maintenance with Variables

  • Execution and Replacement Variables
  • Creating Variables
  • Assigning Values to Variables in Grids
  • Passing Values to Variables
  • Standard Variables for the Point of View
  • Standard Variables for Custom and ICP Dimensions

Managing Rule Scope with Conditions

  • Adding Condition Rows to Grids
  • Adding Condition Components to Rules
  • Trigger Functions for Conditions
  • Managing Rule Execution for the Value Dimension

Managing the Custom and ICP Dimensions

  • Subcubes and Performance
  • Page Dimensions and Rules
  • Specifying Source Dimensions
  • Specifying Destination Dimensions

Troubleshooting with Log Files

  • Log Files Overview
  • Configuring Timer Logs
  • Setting Up Debug Logs
  • Creating Log Information Variables

Creating Rules Using Member Ranges

  • Member Ranges and Loops
  • List Functions and Member Range Components
  • Adding Member Range Components to Rules
  • Member Attributes in Loops

Improving Performance Using Data Units and Fixed Loops

  • Data Units Overview
  • Creating Variables for Data Range Components
  • Adding Data Range Components to Rules
  • Creating Data Range Replacement Variables
  • Creating Rules with Fixed Loop Components

Managing Financial Management Data

  • Retrieving and Writing Data
  • Testing for No Data
  • Setting Accounts to No Input
  • Enabling Accounts for Intercompany Transactions
  • Rounding with the Financial Round Template
  • Rounding and Scaling with the Round Function

Managing Dimension Hierarchies

  • Managing the Calendar
  • Managing Calculation Status
  • Managing Movement Accounts and Data Views
  • Avoiding Circular Calculations in Hierarchies

Creating Rules for Dynamic Accounts and Equity Pickup

  • Dynamic Accounts Overview
  • Creating Rules with the Dynamic Function
  • Applying Period Functions to Dynamic Rules
  • Creating Equity Pickup Rules
  • Running Equity Pickup Rules

Creating Allocations

  • Allocations Overview
  • Creating Rules with the Alloc Function
  • Creating Rules with the AllocationByEntity System Template
  • Setting Parent Entities to Input

Creating Currency Translation Rules

  • Currency Translation Overview
  • Default Translation Process
  • Translating Data with Trans and Transperiodic
  • Calculating Exchange Differences
  • Working with Currency Overrides

Creating Consolidation and Elimination Rules

  • Default Consolidation and Elimination Calculation
  • Consolidation Functions
  • The Standard Consolidation Template
  • Creating Consolidation and Elimination Rules
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