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Hyperion Profitability Cost Management 11.1.2 Detailed Modeling

  • Tuition USD $2,931 GSA  $2,312.34
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  • Course Code D78755GC10
  • Duration 3 days
  • Available Formats Classroom

This course is designed to teach you how to create and manage detailed modeling applications by using Profitability and Cost Management. Learn to create an application in Performance Management Architect and deploy it to a Profitability and Cost Management server.

Learn To:

  • Create Detailed Profitability Models.
  • Understand Model Data Registration concepts.
  • Create allocation drivers and assignments.
  • Generate reporting views.
  • Manage metadata in Enterprise Performance Management Architect.
  • Describe security and lifecycle management concepts.

Model Data Registration Concepts

This course will help you explore model data registration concepts. You'll create a model structure by registering model data, while defining stages and points of view. You'll also create drivers and assignments to allocate source intersections to destination intersections.

Validate Models & Reporting Views

This course will also teach you how to validate models and create reporting views as well, while teaching you ways to analyze detailed modeling data. Finally, you'll explore security and lifecycle management concepts.

Skills Gained

  • Generate and analyze reporting views
  • Describe security and lifecycle management concepts
  • Describe model data registration concepts
  • Register model data
  • Create model stages and points of view
  • Create and deploy detailed profitability applications
  • Load data into detailed profitability applications
  • Create drivers
  • driver selections
  • and assignments

Course Details

Introduction to Profitability and Cost Management

  • About Profitability and Cost Management
  • Profitability Application Types
  • Destailed Profitability and Cost Management Implementation Process

Navigating Detailed Models

  • Detailed Profitability Product Architecture
  • Database Schemas
  • Detailed Profitability Model Components
  • Accessing Detailed Models
  • Steps to Create Detailed Profitability Models

Managing Dimensions with Performance Management Architect

  • Performance Management Architect Overview
  • Detailed Profitability Dimensions
  • Creating Dimensions
  • Creating Members
  • Managing Members
  • Organizing the Shared Library
  • Managing Dimensions with the Grid Editor

Importing Dimension Metadata

  • About Loading Dimension Metadata
  • Setting Up Text Files
  • Setting Up Interface Tables
  • Loading Metadata
  • Viewing Job Status

Creating Detailed Modeling Applications

  • About Performance Management Architect Applications
  • Creating Applications with the Application Wizard
  • Managing Local and Shared Dimensions
  • Managing Local and Shared Dimensions

Model Data Registration Concepts

  • About Detailed Profitability Database Schemas
  • Product Schema
  • Model Data Schema

Creating the Model Structure

  • Setting Up Models
  • Selecting the Model Data Schema
  • Registering Model Data
  • Joining Lookup Tables

Managing Stages and Points of View

  • Creating Source and Destination Stages
  • Working with Model POVs

Detailed Profitability Drivers

  • About Detailed Profitability Allocations
  • Drivers and Driver Formulas

Managing Detailed Profitability Drivers

  • Defining Detailed Profitability Drivers
  • Working with Detailed Profitability Drivers

Assigning Allocation Destinations

  • Working with Detailed Profitability Assignment Rules
  • Working with Assignments in Detailed Profitability

Managing Allocations

  • Working with the Bulk Editor
  • Working with Stage Object Calculations
  • Importing Model Definition Data

Managing Calculations

  • Validating Detailed Profitability Models
  • Completing Precalculation Tasks
  • Running Calculations
  • Running the Stage Balancing Reports

Analyzing Detailed Profitability Data

  • Viewing detailed profitability data in Oracle BI EE

Security and Lifecycle Management

  • About EPM Security
  • Assigning Security Roles
  • Migrating Applications by Using Lifecycle Management

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When does class start/end?

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I would highly recommend this instructor. But would appreciate the Actual Slide material to refresh. Also exam prep doc would be an advantage

The AWS Training & Certification course was fantastic. Ryan Dymek was the instructor; he was awesome. I learned a lot in 3 days!

Class material was clear and well communicated. Virtual setup was easy. Plenty of material was provided ahead of time. Sean was a fantastic instructor.

I had a good and comfortable remote training experience. Look forward to more such trainings.

Informative class with great instructure who was able to walk through the course material, answer all questions, and give great examples.

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