JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Common Foundation Rel 9.2

Course Details
Code: D95317GC10
Tuition (USD): $977.00 • Classroom (1 day)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $770.78 • Classroom (1 day)

This JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Common Foundation Rel 9.2 training describes the EnterpriseOne software structure and how to use menus, tasks,and forms. You'll learn how to efficiently navigate and use the web client; you'll also explore the fundamentals of the EnterpriseOne task structure, navigation, form basics, interactive and batch versions, creating and publishishing User Defined Objects, and software support options.

Learn To:

  • Navigate the EnterpriseOne web client.
  • Define and manage application versions.
  • Use the Employee Work Center.
  • Access online help and error messages.

Benefits to You

After completing this course, you will be able to navigate through the EnterpriseOne software efficiently. Various activities listed in the course help you practice different processes of the EnterpriseOne software. Invest in developing the foundational knowledge to operate the EnterpriseOne web client efficiently.

Skills Gained

  • Describe processing options
  • Work with User Defined Objects
  • Use the Collaborate Feature
  • Describe program versions
  • Describe basic skills and navigation
  • Use online help and error messages
  • Work with grids
  • Work with records
  • Work with media objects
  • Work with reports
  • Work with messages and queues

Course Details

Describing EnterpriseOne

  • What is EnterpriseOne
  • EnterpriseOne Features
  • Product Naming Hierarchy
  • EnterpriseOne Application Suites
  • EnterpriseOne System Integration

Basic Skills and Navigation

  • EnterpriseOne Web Client
  • EnterpriseOne Access
  • EnterpriseOne Home Page
  • EnterpriseOne Menus
  • Task Levels
  • Task Names
  • Carousel Container
  • Personalization

Using Online Help and Error Messages

  • EnterpriseOne Online Help
  • About Button
  • Help Button
  • Error Messages
  • Warning Messages

Describing Forms and Grids

  • Types of Forms
  • Form Elements
  • Buttons on Forms
  • Toolbar Menus
  • Data Sequencing
  • Export Grid Data
  • Import Data into Grids
  • Media Objects

Working With User Defined Objects

  • Describing User Defined Objects
  • User Defined Objects: Access and Permissions
  • Types of User Defined Objects
  • UDO Design Panel and Icons
  • Navigating to UDO Design Panels
  • User Defined Objects: Life cycle
  • Pesonalizing the Grid
  • Creating Query to Search for Data

Describing Program Versions

  • Interactive Version Relationship
  • Batch Version Elements
  • Creating Interactive Versions
  • Managing Batch Versions
  • Adding Data Selection
  • Modifying Data Sequencing

Describing Processing Options

  • Understanding Processing Options
  • Interactive Versions Processing Options
  • Batch Versions Processing Options
  • Processing Options and Versions

Working With Records

  • Work With Addresses
  • Primary and Secondary Records
  • Adding Primary Records
  • Query-by-Example (QBE) Line

Working With Media Objects

  • Viewing Media Objects
  • Attaching Media Objects
  • Media Object Viewer

Working With Reports

  • Describing Reports
  • Running Reports
  • Processing Options
  • Version Prompting
  • Data Selection
  • Data Sequencing
  • Printer Selection
  • Submitted Job Search

Describing Messages and Queues

  • Work Center
  • Queues
  • Message Types
  • Message Icons

Working with Send Email and Meeting Invite Options

  • Describing the EnterpriseOne Collaborate Feature
  • Send Email and Meeting Invite Options from the Tools Menu
  • Send Email and Meeting Invite Options from the Hover Form
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