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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fixed Assets Accounting Rel 9.2

Course Details
Code: D95325GC10
Tuition (USD): $2,931.00 • Classroom (3 days)

This class teaches the fundamentals of establishing and setting up and using the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fixed Assets 9.2 system to manage your company's fixed assets.

In this three day class, you will learn how to efficiently plan the management of your assets using the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system. The hands-on activities will guide you through the setup and usage of the system.

Learn To:
  • Set up the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fixed Assets system
  • Manage Asset Records
  • Establish Parent and Component Relationships
  • Track Asset Locations
  • Process General Ledger Entries for Fixed Assets
  • Post Journal Entries to Fixed Assets
  • Calculate Asset Depreciation
  • Split Assets
  • Transfer Assets to New Locations
  • Dispose Assets
  • Revalue Assets
  • Produce Fixed Asset Reports
  • Apply Global Updates to Fixed Assets
Benefits to You

This class will enable you to effectively manage your fixed assets and help you keep your Fixed Assets and General Accounting systems in-sync.

Skills Gained

  • Set up the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fixed Assets system
  • Create asset master records
  • Process general ledger entries to fixed assets
  • Depreciate assets
  • Process fixed asset journal entries
  • Revalue assets
  • Perform year-end processes and global updates
  • Print fixed asset reports

Course Details

Business Process Overview

  • Describing the Fixed Assets Business Process
  • Describing Features of the Fixed Assets System
  • Describing Fixed Assets System Integration
  • Describing Sources of Information About Fixed Assets in Implementation Guides

Setting Up the System Foundation

  • Describing System Foundation Setup
  • Establishing Fixed Assets Constants
  • Identifying UDCs for Fixed Assets
  • Describing AAIs for Fixed Assets
  • Describing Next Numbers for Fixed Assets

Setting Up Other Components of the Fixed Assets System

  • Describing Other Setup Features
  • Describing the Setup of Acquisition Years
  • Setting Up Depreciation Default Values
  • Describing Category Code Mapping
  • Describing the Setup of Ledger Type Rules
  • Describing the Setup of Disposal Account Rules
  • Describing the Setup of Beginning Balances
  • Describing Supplemental Data Setup

Setting Up User-Defined Depreciation

  • Describing User-Defined Depreciation
  • Setting Up Depreciation Rules
  • Setting Up Depreciation Formulas
  • Setting Up Depreciation Spread Patterns

Managing Asset Records

  • Describing the Asset Master Record
  • Creating Asset Master Records with Basic Information
  • Describing When to Delete an Asset Master Record
  • Verifying Depreciation Information for an Asset
  • Describing Additional Information for an Asset

Calculating Asset Depreciation

  • Describing Asset Depreciation
  • Calculating Depreciation
  • Reviewing Depreciation Batches
  • Posting Depreciation to the General Ledger

Describing Fixed Asset Journal Entries

  • Describing the Types of Fixed Asset Journal Entries

Splitting Assets

  • Describing the Asset Split Process
  • Performing an Asset Split

Transferring Assets to New Locations

  • Describing the Asset Transfer Process
  • Performing an Asset Transfer

Disposing of Fixed Assets

  • Describing the Fixed Asset Disposal Process
  • Performing Single Asset Disposals
  • Performing Mass Asset Disposals

Describing Asset Revaluation

  • Describing the Concept of Asset Revaluations
  • Describing Revaluation Indexes

Performing Asset Revaluation

  • Describing the Revaluation Journal Program

Describing Standard Fixed Asset Reports

  • Describing Asset Information Reports
  • Describing Depreciation Reports
  • Describing Quarterly and Year-to-Date Reports

Describing Fixed Asset Integrity Reports

  • Describing the Purpose of Integrity Reports
  • Describing the Fixed Asset to G/L Integrity Report
  • Describing the Fixed Asset Transaction Integrity Report
  • Describing the G/L to Fixed Asset Integrity Report

Performing Year-End Processes for Fixed Assets

  • Describing the Asset Account Balance Close Program
  • Describing the Units of Production Close Program
  • Running the Depreciation Projections Program

Describing Fixed Assets Global Updates

  • Describing Global Update Programs for Asset Information
  • Describing the Global Depreciation Rules Update Program
  • Describing Global Update Programs for Accounts and Ledgers
  • Describing the Asset Master and Balances Purge Program
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