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Oracle Eloqua Learning Subscription Live Virtual Classes

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Tuition (USD): $3,495.00 • Subscription
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The Oracle Eloqua Learning Subscription is a complete online education solution for marketing professionals, implementers and administrators seeking training on Oracle Eloqua. The training in this learning subscription covers fundamental and advanced concepts of Eloqua. Learn how to use Eloqua to optimize B2B cross-channel marketing through improved segmentation and automated campaigns that provide an enhanced experience for prospects and customers. You can also access a series of courses that teach modern marketing best practices and strategies, and how to apply them using Oracle Marketing Cloud platforms. Get Oracle Certified or Accredited This learning subscription includes one Oracle certification exam and two accreditation program exams at no extra cost. Pass an exam to earn an industry recognized credential: Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service Certified Implementation Specialist, B2B (Oracle Eloqua) Master or B2B (Oracle Eloqua) Luminary. Your Learning Subscription Includes:

  • 24/7 Access for 12 months
  • Learning paths
  • Live Virtual Courses (LVC + Digital subscription only)
  • Online courses
  • Hands-on labs (LVC + Digital subscription only)
  • Access to instructors
  • Certification and accreditation exams
  • Continuously updated training content for each product release

Skills Gained

  • Get started using Oracle Eloqua through a combination of best practices and hands-on product learning to orient you to Eloqua’s capabilities
  • Learn modern marketing practices and strategies and how to apply them using Oracle Marketing Cloud platforms
  • Tactically plan a Campaign and map out the Campaign strategy, determine best practices for Campaign execution, and leverage Campaign automation
  • Create single and multi-session events, merge session details into emails, and set up automated reminders and post event communications
  • Create and manage sophisticated, personalized, and trackable emails in Eloqua
  • Build and execute single-touch and targeted nurture campaigns
  • Identify the methods for accessing content created in Oracle Content Marketing while using the Oracle Eloqua platform to master cross-channel optimization
  • Examine how to uncover and record visitors’ digital body language and standardize the recorded information so it can be used to develop a marketing strategy
  • Set up a Lead Scoring model, segment based on lead scores, and integrate the lead scores with your CRM
  • Examine how to refine and narrow segments to ensure precise targeting
  • Align marketing and sales processes to maximize conversion rates and revenue
  • Leverage best practices on how to effectively use Eloqua Sales Tools to optimize performance
  • Use Oracle Eloqua features to streamline marketing initiatives and prioritizing lead follow-up to achieve better alignment with sales
  • Store and use unique data that is relevant to an account or contact to create personalized experiences for customers
  • Create Forms that build complete Contact profiles over time and reduce form abandonment rates
  • Learn to use Insight to provide key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of Eloqua marketing campaigns
  • See how to refine and manage analysis results, build custom reports, and build dashboards
  • Examine how to design, define, and maintain the Eloqua install so marketers can use it to create and run campaigns
  • Implement the Closed Loop Reporting (CLR) workflow to measure the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Explore the options for CRM integration, review the configuration process for each CRM integration option, and understand key management tasks associated with CRM integrations
  • Examine how to configure the integration between Oracle Content Marketing and Oracle Eloqua
  • Examine how to download, configure, and integrate applications with Oracle Eloqua landing pages and emails to increase engagement
  • Learn to create workflows related to data management using the Program Canvas
  • Explore tasks that can be automated, including data cleansing, CRM integration, and label assignment
  • Review best practices for implementing a Global Demand Center that provides a comprehensive solution for lead generation
  • Understand Eloqua’s areas, features, and functions administrators use to manage users
  • Learn how to create users, configure basic settings for users, and pull user reports
  • Learn how to configure user security settings, contact security, and asset level security
  • Learn best practices for implementing email authentication
  • Learn how to create and upload an HTML email file into Oracle Eloqua

Who Can Benefit

  • Administrators
  • Implementers
  • Business Users

Course Details

LVCs are classes delivered live by an expert instructor with hands-on labs over the internet.

Exams Included with this Subscription

Gain professional recognition for your expertise with an Oracle industry-recognized accreditation or certification. This learning subscription includes one attempt to take the following Oracle exams, at no additional charge, during the subscription period. Pass the exam and earn your accreditation or Oracle certification.

  • Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
  • B2B (Oracle Eloqua) Master Exam
  • B2B (Oracle Eloqua) Luminary Exam
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