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Oracle Banking Platform

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Tuition (USD): $4,995.00 • Subscription
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This learning subscription is an all digital learning solution for anyone on your team seeking training on the Oracle Banking Platform (OBP). You get 24/7 access to a comprehensive set of high quality training videos delivered by Oracle experts throughout the subscription period. Application walkthroughs are included so you can practice what you learn. The training in this learning subscription is updated for new features and product enhancements. Develop a solid foundation about OBP, including an in-depth look at the business configuration, functional architecture, key modules, features, functionality, and business capabilities. More specifically, learn to set up and maintain Day Zero parameters. Understand the origination cycles (CASA, Term Deposits, Overdraft, and Loan) and processes. Gain insight into the purpose and implication of module-specific maintenances in daily transaction processing to help make your banking operations run smoother and with greater efficiency, while enhancing customer service. Learn how to set up the maintenances and perform transactions required to operate accounts, deposits, and loans. Also learn how to set up the various maintenances related to ‘Payment’, and how to perform associated transactions.

Skills Gained

  • Get started with OBP, gain an understanding of its functional architecture and get a product overview
  • Gain insight into the Day Zero setups, such as the Common Services, Alert, Document Management, Product Manufacturing Unit (PMU), Product Ledger, Party, Pricing, Multi Entity Multi Branding (MEMB), Limits and Collateral Management, Insurance Management, Loan Origination, and Tax configurations.
  • Gain an understanding on the features and functionality supported in OBP through its Payments Module.
  • Understand the OBP Payments, Clearing and Collection terminologies and concepts.
  • Get an insight into the comprehensive transaction handling and management system, which integrates with the overall system for settlement of payments and collections.
  • Gain an insight in to the concepts related to the Origination process.
  • Gain understanding of the business domain with respect to the handling of the Origination life cycle and stages.
  • Understand the process and details with respect to the various train stops of the Origination application capture.
  • Understand how to use the Application Tracker option to track an Origination record.
  • Get an insight into the Lending and Overdraft Task flows.
  • Gain insight into the Servicing handling capabilities of OBP.
  • Get Insight into the CASA, Term Deposit and Loan Account maintenance aspects of the product.
  • Get an insight into the capability with respect to the various inquiries that the product offers.
  • Get an understanding on transaction handling of the product across CASA and Term Deposits.
  • Understand the process of managing a Loan Account and performing various actions related to a Loan Account.
  • Gain insight into the Day Zero maintenances relating to Branch Operations.
  • Get an insight into how to go about and perform the day-to-day branch operations.
  • Get an insight into the branch operations related reports and inquiries.
  • Script scenarios using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) for OBP.

Who Can Benefit

  • Implementers
  • Administrators
  • Super Users
  • Business Analysts
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