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API Platform - Essentials

Course Details
Code: D105643GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,544.00 • Virtual (2 days)

API Platform is a powerful, lightweight platform that will transform your business by helping you to rapidly design, prototype, and test APIs.

Get introduced to the full life cycle API management product. Familiarize with the terms that are used in Oracle API Platform Cloud to define user management concepts. Learn about the typical workflow for managing gateways, the runtime aspect of Oracle API Platform Cloud.

Learn To:

  • Describe API concepts and the significance of APIs in a digital economy
  • List API Platform Cloud components
  • Create APIs in Apiary
  • Manage API Implementation

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll be able to overcome the challenges associated with traditional API management and get the necessary
foundation for digital transformation using API Platform Cloud.

Skills Gained

  • Get an overview of API and API Platform Cloud
  • List API Platform Cloud components
  • Explain user management concepts
  • Get an overview of Apiary and creating APIs in Apiary
  • Discuss end-to-end implementation of APIs in API Platform Cloud

Who Can Benefit

  • Integration Developer
  • Cloud Application Developer
  • API Managers

Course Details


  • Introduction to API and API Platform Cloud        
    • What Is an API?
    • APIs in a Digital Economy  
    • Explain the API-first strategy and its life cycle
    • API Platform Cloud Service: Overview
  • Managing Users and Groups      
    • Overview of the API Platform Cloud Components
    •  User and Role Management: Terminologies
    • Roles in API Platform Cloud
  • Managing Gateways      
    • Workflow: Managing Gateways with Oracle API Platform   
  • Introduction to Oracle Apiary    Apiary: Introduction
    • Apiary Features
    • API Life Cycle: Prepare-Apiary Style Guide
    • API Life Cycle: Design – Apiary Editor
    • API Life Cycle: Design – GitHub Integration
    • API Life Cycle: Develop – Mock Server
    • API Life Cycle: Deliver – Test
    • API Life Cycle: Consume – API Docs
    • API Life Cycle: Consume – API Inspector
    • Describe API description formats
  • Managing API    
    • Managing APIs: Overview
    •  API Workflow
    • Implementing APIs: Create API
    • Implementing APIs: Configure the Request Endpoint (API Request)
    • Implementing APIs: Configure the Service Request URL   
    • Implementing APIs: Apply Policies   
    • Implementing APIs: Deploy Your API to a Gateway
  • Service and Service Accounts    
    • Explain Service and Service Account in Oracle API Platform Cloud
    • Describe the relationship between APIs, services, and service accounts
    • Use services and service accounts in API implementation
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