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Primavera Unifier Reports and Dashboards 17

Course Details
Code: D100643GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,628.00 • Classroom (2 days)

This Primavera Unifier Reports and Dashboards training teaches you how to create reports and develop dashboards in the Primavera Unifier Reports and Dashboards solution. To perform data extraction and display, expert Oracle University instructors will also teach you how to configure these dashboards and use native Unifier reporting tools.

Learn To:

  • Create report templates.
  • Update shell templates.
  • Define permissions.
  • Create data cubes and data views.
  • Create dashboards.
  • Create custom Business Intelligence Publisher reports using data views.

Day 1: Creating User-Defined Reports

This course begins with expert Oracle University instructors teaching you how to create user-defined report templates and update shell templates. The first day concludes with hands-on instruction to expand your skills so you can import, update and schedule user-defined reports.

Day 2: Viewing Dashboards & Creating Data Cubes

The second day of this course focuses on dashboards. You will view dashboards and then create data cubes, data views and dashboards through hands-on exercises. These exercises will reinforce your learning and help solidify your new skill set so you can apply it to your daily job. Also includes a discussion on using Primavera Analytics.

Skills Gained

  • Create reports
  • Create templates
  • Run user-defined reports
  • Define data cubes and data views
  • Configure dashboards
  • View system reports


  • Suggested PrerequisitePrimavera Unifier: Administration Rel 17 Ed 1
  • Primavera Unifier: uDesigner Fundamentals Rel 17 Ed 1

Course Details

Report Templates

  • Tabular Reports
  • Cross-Tab Reports
  • Alert Report Templates
  • Copying and Editing

Shell Templates

  • Embedding Report Templates
  • Assigning Report Permissions
  • Updating and Scheduling

Shell and Company Dashboards

  • Creating Dashboards Manually
  • Configuring the Dashboard

Data Views

  • Creating Data Views
  • Creating Data Cube Definitions
  • Data Views and User-Defined Reports

Primavera Analytics

  • Configure Unifier Objects to Map in Analytics Node
  • Build an Analytics Block in a Shell Dashboard
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