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Recruiting and Admissions Rel 9.2

Course Details
Code: D56402GC20
Tuition (USD): $2,772.00 • Virtual (3 days)

Individuals who complete this 3-day course participate in the role of “Recruiter.” During the course, the recruiter learns to set up recruiting events and other core admissions setup values. The recruiter interacts with “prospects” through recruiting events; eventually applications and corresponding supporting materials are submitted to PSUNV for admission.

Through course lessons and activities, we enter application materials into the system and process test scores. Applicants are admitted and matriculated. The majority of the course centers on the recruiting and entering of prospects, tracking of applicants, and ultimate matriculation. The course also covers localization features for New Zealand, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Learn To:
  • Enter and process applications
  • Admit and matriculate applicants into students
  • Define recruiting events

A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Skills Gained

  • Describe the key capabilities of Exadata and Database Machine
  • Identify the benefits of using Database Machine for different application classes
  • Describe the architecture of Database Machine and its integration with Oracle Database
  • Clusterware and ASM
  • Complete the initial configuration of Database Machine
  • Describe various recommended approaches for migrating to Database Machine
  • Configure Exadata I/O Resource Management
  • Monitor Database Machine health and optimize performance


  • Basic PeopleSoft navigation skills.
  • Knowledge of 3Cs (Communications, Checklists, and Comments).

Course Details

Defining External Organizations

  • Defining Your System ID
  • Setting Up External Organizations
  • Reviewing Organizations
  • Defining Catalogs for Your External Organizations

Defining a Recruiting Structure

  • Setting Up Recruiting Structures
  • Setting Up Recruiting Regions
  • Defining Region Postal Codes
  • Defining Region Trees
  • Defining Recruiting Categories
  • Defining Recruiting and Application Centers
  • Defining Recruiters

Defining Recruiting Events

  • Setting Up Event Data
  • Tracking Events and Event Attendees

Entering Prospects

  • Reviewing Prospect Prerequisites
  • Creating Prospect Records
  • Assigning Recruiters to Prospects and Applicants
  • Defining Referral Sources

Tracking Prospects

  • Reviewing Prospect Summaries
  • Defining Prospect Relationships
  • Recording Academic Interests
  • Assigning Regions, Recruiting Categories, and Recruiters on a Mass Basis
  • Reviewing Recruiter Summaries

Deleting Prospect Records

  • Describing the Deletion Process
  • Deleting Individual Prospect Records
  • Deleting a Group of Prospect Records

Entering Applications

  • Defining Application Entry Defaults
  • Entering Applications
  • Updating Existing Applications
  • Reviewing Application Summaries
  • Setting Up Admit Types
  • Using Admissions Program Actions
  • Reviewing Applicant Progression
  • Deleting applications individually and in batch

Adding Communications, Checklists and Comments

  • Describing the 3Cs
  • Adding 3Cs for Prospects and Applicants

Managing Enrollment

  • Describing PeopleSoft Enrollment Management
  • Reviewing Enrollment Management Levels
  • Defining Enrollment Management Targets
  • Using Templates to Create Enrollment Management Targets

Processing External Test Data

  • Adding Test Scores to Your System
  • Manually Entering Test Score Data
  • Processing Test Scores in Batch
  • Reviewing Posted Test Score Data
  • Updating Checklists on Receiving Test Scores
  • Updating Checklists Automatically

Tracking Academic History

  • Setting Up External Academic Information
  • Entering External Academic Information
  • Viewing an External Academic Summary
  • Describing TS130 Transcript Transactions

Entering Supplemental Materials and Information

  • Describing General Materials
  • Describing Extracurricular Activities
  • Describing Honors and Awards Information
  • Describing Work Experience Information
  • Describing Student Visa Information

Admitting and Matriculating Applicants

  • Admitting Applicants
  • Recording Optional Admission Information
  • Viewing Application Summaries
  • Matriculating Applicants into Students
  • Unmatriculating Students
  • Using Quick Admit and Quick Enroll
  • Describing Recruiting and Admissions Self-Service

(AUS) Processing TAC Data

  • Describing TAC Load Processing

(NZL) Processing NCEA Test Scores

  • Describing NCEA Test Score Processing

(NLD) CBAP, Studielink, and Educational Agreements

  • Describing CBAP Data Processing
  • Describing Studielink Message Exchange
  • Creating Educational Agreements
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