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Oracle Spatial and Graph Essentials Ed 1

This course extensively covers the concepts and usage of the native data types, functions, and operators available in Oracle Database for spatial data. Using the Map visualization component, students...

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$5,000 USD
Course Code D84586GC10
Duration 5 days
Available Formats Classroom

This course extensively covers the concepts and usage of the native data types, functions, and operators available in Oracle Database for spatial data. Using the Map visualization component, students learn how to render maps and view geospatial data managed by Oracle Spatial and Graph. Students are also introduced to basics of geocoding and routing concepts. The focus of this course is more on introducing the students to basic analysis of spatial data. This course does not cover Graph analysis.

Demonstrations and hands-on practice reinforce the fundamental concepts.

A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Skills Gained

  • Geocode and reverse geocode addresses with the Oracle Spatial and Graph Geocoder
  • Describe the various types of coordinate systems to associate with geometries
  • Perform bulk or incremental load of the spatial and graph data
  • Run spatial and graph queries in SQL to perform spatial and graph analysis
  • Enhance and tune spatial and graph indexes for better performance
  • Identify the general geometric and spatial concepts and terminologies
  • Describe the Oracle Spatial and Graph data and query models
  • Create spatial layers using the SDO_GEOMETRY native data type
  • Employ spatial and graph operators and functions to generate and access 2D geometries
  • Describe the Oracle Spatial and Graph Router and it’s architecture
  • Use the Oracle Spatial and Graph Map Visualization component to render maps
  • Describe the Linear Referencing System (LRS) feature
  • Describe user-defined coordinate systems
  • Use the Map Builder tool to apply styles and themes to rendered maps


  • Good working knowledge of the SQL and PL/SQL
  • Familiarity with Object relational data model
  • Familiarity with Oracle SQL Developer and SQL*Plus
  • Familiarity with mathematical geometry concepts

Course Details


  • Oracle Location Technologies
  • Oracle Spatial: Spatial Data Management for Enterprise Applications
  • Oracle Spatial and Graph and Oracle Locator: Implementation
  • Oracle Spatial and Graph Object-Relational Model
  • Using Varying Arrays
  • Geometries Along Axis

Overview of Oracle Spatial and Graph Concepts

  • Types of Location Data
  • Geometric Primitive Types
  • Spatial and Graph Data Model
  • Coordinate Systems: Concepts
  • Spatial and Graph Query
  • Spatial and Graph Indexing
  • R-Tree: Generating Minimum Bounding Rectangles (MBR)
  • Linear Referencing System (LRS)

Creating Spatial Layers

  • MDSYS Schema
  • Spatial and Graph Native Data Type: SDO_GEOMETRY
  • Geometry Objects
  • Constructing Geometries
  • Rules for Inserting Geometries in Spatial Layers
  • Spatial and Graph Metadata

Defining Collection Geometries

  • Collection
  • Oriented Point
  • SDO_ELEM_INFO Triplet Values
  • Rules for an Oriented Point
  • SDO_GEOMETRY Constructors
  • Constructors for SDO_GEOMETRY with the WKT exampl

Associating Spatial Layers with Coordinate Systems

  • Coordinate Systems
  • Geodesic for Antipodal Points
  • Polygons in a Geodetic Coordinate System
  • Geodetic Optimized Rectangles
  • Coordinate Systems in Oracle Spatial
  • CS_SRS Table
  • Common Coordinate Systems
  • Whole Earth Geometry Model

Loading Spatial and Graph Data

  • Loading Spatial Data
  • Bulk-Loading Data with SQL*Loader
  • Data Pump Export and Import Utilities
  • Using Transportable Tablespaces
  • Transactional Inserts
  • Limitations of Using the SDO_GEOMETRY Constructor in the INSERT statement
  • Shapefile Converter
  • Log Output from Java Shapefile Converter

Validating and Debugging Geometries

  • Validating Geometries and Functions
  • VALIDATE_GEOMETRY_WITH_CONTEXT Function with an Example
  • Geometry Debugging Functions
  • Modifying Geometries in PL/SQL

Using Oracle Spatial and Graph Map Visualization Component

  • Introduction to MapViewer
  • Architecture of Oracle Spatial and Graph Map Visualization Component
  • Installation of Oracle Spatial and Graph Map Visualization Component
  • MapVisualizer Demos
  • Debugging

Indexing Spatial Data

  • R-Tree Indexing
  • How Geometries Are Indexed with R-Trees
  • Analyzing Spatial and Graph Tables
  • Spatial Index Dictionary Views
  • R-Tree Index Sizing: Usage Notes and WORK_TABLESPACE

Querying Spatial Data

  • Primary and Secondary Filters
  • Spatial and Graph Query Model
  • Spatial and Graph Operators
  • Spatial and Graph Procedures and Functions
  • Spatial and Graph Topological Relationships
  • Using the ORDERED Optimizer Hint
  • Relationship Operators
  • Implicit Coordinate System Transformations


  • Spatial and Graph Operators
  • Describe the SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE operator
  • Describe the SDO_NN operator
  • Spatial join by using the SDO_JOIN operator
  • Parallel with Spatial and Graph Operators and CREATE TABLE AS SELECT
  • Spatial Vector Acceleration

Analyzing Geometries by Using Spatial Operators and Functions

  • Calculating the Area and Length
  • Calculating the Distance Between Geometries
  • Arc Densification
  • Spatial and Graph Boolean Functions
  • Explicit Transformation with Spatial Functions

Using Spatial Analysis, MBR, Utility, and Aggregate Functions

  • SDO_GEOM.SDO_MBR Function
  • SDO_UTIL Functions
  • Spatial Aggregate Functions
  • GeoJSON and JSON
  • Geography Markup Language (GML)
  • Using the DETERMINISTIC Keyword
  • Java: Converting Geometries to and from GML
  • Functions that Return SDO_GEOMETRY and CREATE TABLE AS SELECT

Defining Maps by Using the Map Builder Tool

  • MapVisualizer
  • MapVisualizer APIs
  • MapVisualizer Caches Style, Theme, and Map Definitions
  • OGC Web Map Service (WMS) Support
  • Oracle Workspace Manager Support

Leveraging Oracle Maps: The Map Cache and JavaScript API

  • Oracle Maps
  • Map Cache
  • Oracle Maps interactive demos

Implementing a Linear Referencing System

  • Linear Referencing System Concepts
  • Associating Measure Values Along a Geometry
  • Linear Referencing System: Transportation Application
  • Creating an LRS Geometry
  • LRS Terms and Concepts
  • LRS Support for Collections
  • Defining LRS Structures
  • Overview of LRS Functions

Managing Spatial Indexes

  • Oracle Table Partitioning and Oracle Spatial
  • Spatial Index Partitioning Parameters
  • Oracle Spatial Index Partitioning
  • Spatial Partition Pruning
  • Combining Nonspatial and Spatial Partitioning
  • Function-Based Indexes
  • Transportable-Tablespace Support for Spatial Indexes
  • Embedded Spatial Geometry

Geocoding Address Data

  • Geocoding Concepts
  • Oracle Spatial Geocoding Functions
  • Geocoding service

Using the Spatial Routing Engine

  • Oracle Spatial Routing Architecture
  • Route request and response
  • Routing Engine Request
  • Sample RouteServer JSP