Oracle Oracle Siebel CRM Training Courses

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  • Oracle Siebel CRM Topic: Business Skills | Code: D94191GC10

    Oracle - Siebel Business Analyst Rel 15.5 (Course)


    This Siebel Business Analyst training examines Siebel applications in two dimensions. The first dimension, breadth and functionality, is covered in the first two days of the course; you'll become...

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  • Oracle Siebel CRM Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: D94199GC10

    Oracle - Siebel Fundamentals Rel 15.5 (Course)


    Students learn to navigate and maintain data in Siebel applications by using common entities. Students explore built-in functionality in Siebel Sales and Siebel Call Center and then other...

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  • Oracle Siebel CRM Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: D93961GC10

    Oracle - Siebel Technical Foundations 15.5 (Course)


    This Siebel Technical Foundations training is appropriate for Siebel 15.x and 8.x customers. It's designed to introduce you to Siebel technical principles and contains information that's essential to...

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  • Oracle Siebel CRM Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: D80349GC30

    Oracle - Siebel Open UI Foundations (Course)


    This Siebel Open UI Foundations training first introduces students to the Siebel Open UI user interface and architecture. The second part of the course introduces the concept of the Open UI "manifest"...

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  • Oracle Siebel CRM Topic: Automation | Code: D94195GC10

    Oracle - Siebel Business Automation Rel 15.5 (Course)


    In this course, students learn fundamental technologies and techniques for automating business processes in Siebel applications. The curriculum focuses on core technologies that are used in many...

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  • Oracle Siebel CRM Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: D94612GC10

    Oracle - Siebel Application Administration 15.5 (Course)


    This Siebel Application Administration training is designed for application administrators who support initial and ongoing administration of Siebel applications. The initial section of the course...

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  • Oracle Siebel CRM Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: D95280GC10

    Oracle - Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Rel 15.5 (Course)


    Students get hands-on practice: mapping external data to Siebel tables and columns; using EIM table reports to determine how to populate EIM tables and columns to load base tables; running EIM import,...

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  • Oracle Siebel CRM Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: D95288GC10

    Oracle - Siebel Integration Rel 15.5 (Course)


    The Siebel Integration course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to integrate Siebel applications in a variety of integration strategies. Participants learn various Siebel EAI...

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  • Oracle Siebel CRM Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: D57280GC20

    Oracle - Siebel Tools Rel 15.5 (Course)


    The Siebel Tools training teaches you how to use Siebel Tools to configure Siebel applications to meet your company's business requirements. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how...

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Oracle technologies are widely used and drive innovation across a wide range of industries. Naturally, there is a need for Oracle certified experts who can help organizations better utilize Oracle technologies, which in turn can help organizations drive innovation and, ultimately, revenue. In order to demonstrate their skills and knowledge as experts in Oracle technologies, many developers, engineers, and other Oracle experts can become certified at various levels in different Oracle technologies. Oracle certifications can help individuals such as these demonstrate their skills and abilities, as well as learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. Let’s explore some of these Oracle certification levels to better understand the weight of different certifications:

Oracle Certified Associate: One might think of the Oracle Certified Assistant (OCA) level as a foundational level of certification. This certification level is designed to ensure that candidates have strong skills upon which they can build further through additional certifications. This level of certification will ensure that candidates have some familiarity with Oracle products and foundational skills relevant to those products. 

Oracle Certified Professional: Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) level certifications are designed to build on important knowledge and competencies relevant to OCA certification, and ensure that candidates have a high level of understanding of Oracle products and advanced skills. 

Oracle Certified Master: Oracle Certified Master (OCM) level certifications are used to demonstrate a high-level experience, understanding, and proficiency with Oracle products. These are the highest level certifications that individuals can achieve, and exams for these certifications may be very difficult. 

In order to receive these certifications, candidates must first pass the necessary exams. Different exams will present varying levels of difficulty and will be appropriate for different roles working with and on Oracle technology. Naturally, an Oracle Certified Associate's salary and duties might not look exactly the same as an Oracle Certified Master’s, and vice versa. 

Different Oracle certifications have corresponding exams, and as some of them are designed to build on concepts and knowledge from others, some exams may have prerequisite requirements, such as having passed a lower level of certification first. For example, while candidates can – after taking one exam – receive Oracle OCA certification, 19c Oracle dba certification exams – such as Oracle Database 19c: Performance Management and Tuning (1Z0-084 – ) might require that candidates already hold other certifications or that they take more than one exam.  

No matter which Oracle certification your eventual goal is, Oracle Certification paths are important to understand, as your certification path will serve as a guide for your journey to certification. Whatever your path looks like, be sure to check out our wide range of training courses, designed to help you prepare for certification. At ExitCertified, we offer comprehensive training for some of the most sought after Oracle certifications– including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Certified Developer Professional.