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Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Secure Web Application Development Seminar (Language Neutral Edition) (TT8120)
  • Introduction to Selenium & Selenium Web Testing (TT3610)
  • Advanced Angular (ACCEL-ANGL-ADV)
  • The Java Specialist Master Course (JAV-402)
  • Extreme Java - Advanced Topics (JAV-407)
  • Introduction to Redux for React using JavaScript/ECMAScript (ACCEL-REDUX-REACT)
  • Unit Testing with Go (INNO-UTG)
  • Introduction to Python (INTRO-PYTHON)
  • Mastering Angular (TT4168)
  • Core Java 8 Programming for Object Oriented Developers (TT2104-J8)
  • Introduction to Go Programming (ACCEL-GO-INTRO)
  • Mastering JEE Web Application Development (TT5100)
  • RUST Programming (RUST-PROGRAM)
  • Angular 7 (ANGL7)
  • Introduction to R Programming (ACCEL-R-INTRO)
  • Introduction to R Programming for Programmers (ACCEL-R-PROG)
  • Advanced R Programming (ACCEL-R-ADV)
  • Introduction to the ELK Stack (ACCEL-ELK-INTRO)
  • Introduction to Reactive Spring (TT3355)
  • Analyzing Big Data with R Programming (ACCEL-R-ABDP)
  • Modern Web Service Design with REST, GraphQL, and Beyond (ACCEL-MWSD)
  • Comprehensive HTML5 Development (ACCEL-HTLM5-DEV)
  • Introduction to React using JavaScript/ECMAScript (ACCEL-INTRO-REACT)
  • Introduction to React using TypeScript (ACCEL-INTRO-REACT-TYP)
  • Introduction to Redux for React using TypeScript (ACCEL-REDUX-REACT-TYP)
  • CSS Boot Camp (ACCEL-CSS-BOOT)
  • iOS 13 Development Using Swift 5 and Xcode 11 (ACCEL-iOS-13)
  • Introduction to Android Programming in Java (ACCEL-ANDROID-JAVA)
  • Comprehensive Vue (ACCEL-VUE)
  • Server-side JavaScript with Node.js and Express (ACCEL-JAVA-NODE)
  • Comprehensive Flutter (ACCEL-FLUTTER)
  • API Management Fundamentals for Architects (API-MGMT-FUND)
  • Working with Cassandra (for Developers) (TTDS6776)
  • Introduction to Programming & .NET Coding Basics for Non-Developers (TT10975)
  • Developing Applications in C# .NET / .NET Core (Intermediate C#) | Patterns, Generics, Threading, Database, Entity Framework, UI & More (CSHARP-DEV)
  • Working with Flutter (FLUTTER)
  • Introduction to Basic Python (INTRO-PYTH)
  • Advanced Python (ADV-PYTH)
  • COBIT® 2019 Foundation Training (3923)
  • Java Performance Tuning Workshop (JAV-401)
  • Java Concurrency (JAV-404)
  • JavaFX (JAVA-FX)
  • Design Pattern Course (JAV-403)
  • Extreme Java - Concurrency Performance (JAV-405)
  • Selenium using Java and Cucumber (ACCEL-JAV-406)
  • Advanced Python Programming (TTPS4850)
  • XML Essentials | Introduction to XML (TT4300)
  • Mastering Java Web Services (TT7380)
  • Introduction to JavaScript | Modern JavaScript Essentials (TT4110)
  • Securing .NET Web Applications (TT8320-N)
  • Mastering JavaScript & JQuery Essentials (TT4115)
  • Enterprise COBOL Programming: Advanced (ENT-COBOL-ADV)
  • Introduction to HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript (TT4003)
  • Securing Java Web Services (TT8500-J )
  • Advanced XML and XSLT (TT4320)
  • Securing Java/JEE Web Applications (TT8320-J )
  • Introduction to Python Programming (TTPS4800)
  • Mastering Python Programming (TTPS4820)
  • Introduction to Java 8 Programming for Developers New to OO Programming (such as C, Mainframe, 4GL) (TT2120-J8)
  • Java RESTful Service Essentials (TT7305)
  • Angular Essentials (TT4165)
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