Riverbed Training Courses

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • EUE-DF SteelCentral Aternity Administrator (EUE-DF)
  • NPM200 Network Performance Management Essentials (NPM200)
  • WAN200 Optimization Essentials (WAN200)
  • WAN350 Implementing Enterprise Optimization Architectures (WAN350)
  • APM200 Application Performance Management Essentials (APM200)
  • EUE-BF SteelCentral Aternity Bootcamp (EUE-BF)
  • EUE-MF SteelCentral Aternity Monitors Developer (EUE-MF)
  • RCPE-AOPT: Application Optimization Professional (RCPE-AOPT)
  • EUE-DS SteelCentral Aternity SaaS Admin (EUE-DS)
  • EUE-NF SteelCentral Aternity Analyst (EUE-NF)
  • HCB200 Hyper Converged Branch Essentials (HCB200)
  • HCB300 Hyper Converged Branch Implementation Solutions (HCB300 )
  • NOS200 Network Engineering, Operations and Planning Essentials (NOS200)
  • RCPE-APPV: Application Visibility and Analysis Professional (RCPE-APPV)
  • RCPE-PKTV: Packet Visibility & Analysis Professional (RCPE-PKTV)
  • WAN310 Optimizing Enterprise Applications and Protocols (WAN310)
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