RX-M Cloud Native Training Courses

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  • Cloud Native Topic: Containers and Cloud Native | Code: CN1-Mesos

    RX-M - Mesos Foundation (Course)


    This intensive two day hands on course is designed to provide working developers, devops staff, sys admins and other technology professionals with a comprehensive introduction to Apache Mesos. During...

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  • Cloud Native Topic: Docker | Code: CN2-CNCN-ACI

    RX-M - Cloud Native Container Networking and ACI (Course)


    This intensive three day course takes attendees on a journey through the rapidly evolving Cloud Native space, with a detailed look at the powerful new networking technologies enabling this fundamental...

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  • Cloud Native Topic: Containers and Cloud Native | Code: CN2-C-CNS

    RX-M - Cryptography in Cloud Native Systems (Course)


    This in-depth hands-on course introduces developers, security professionals and other technology staff to the principles and practices driving modern cryptography. Day one begins with a cryptography...

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