B2B Commerce Technical Training

Course Details
Code: B2B-201
Tuition (USD): $4,500.00 • Classroom (4 days)
$4,500.00 • Virtual (4 days)

B2B Commerce (formerly CloudCraze) Technical Training is a 5-day expert-led course that includes the foundational course (B2B-101) plus added technical topics. It is designed to provide an orientation of the B2B Commerce components as well as hands-on exploration of the platform across architectural, functional, and technical topics

Skills Gained

  • Identify where and what events require code extension.
  • Effectively navigate and configure in CC Admin.
  • Implement UI, Logic Class, and Service Class Overrides along with Subscriber Code
  • Integration.
  • Complete the technical exercises to create your own B2B Commerce solution and
  • know how to effectively troubleshoot problem areas during the development cycle.

Who Can Benefit

The audience for B2B Commerce Technical Training is any individual who will participate in a new implementation who needs working knowledge and experience with B2B Commerce technical components. Attendees should have intermediate skills in:

  • Object Oriented Programming (Apex or Java)
  • Full-Stack Development (VisualForce, JavaScript, CSS and REST APIs, JSON, Handlebars, and jQuery)
  • Salesforce Administration (Sharing Rules, Process Builder, and Object Relationships)


It is recommended that all participants have exposure to Salesforce administration, configuration and Apex. Completion of the below Trailhead modules, courses, and certifications will ensure participants get the most out of the B2B Technical Course:

  • Admin Beginner trail
  • Administration Essentials for New Admins Course (ADM201)
  • Salesforce Administrator Certification
  • Programmatic Development Using Apex and Visualforce Course (DEV450)
  • Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification
  • Apex Specialist Superbadge

Course Details

Day 1

  • Overview: What is Commerce Cloud—B2B Commerce?
  • Managed package installation & setup process
  • Admin: CC Admin, Anonymous Checkout, User Checkout,
  • CSR Checkout, Account, Contacts, Users, Related Lists
  • Accounts & Pricing: Account Groups and Price Lists
  • Products: Standard Products, Categories, Product Specs,
  • Filters, and Product Relationships

Day 2

  • Products: Aggregated, Bundle, Kit, and Dynamic Kit
  • Marketing and User Interface Configuration: Promotions,
  • Menus, Featured/Spotlight Products, Page Sections, Page
  • Labels, and Localization
  • Pricing Strategies: Tiered Pricing

Day 3

  • Pricing Strategies: Attribute Driven Commerce,
  • Subscriptions, and Contract Pricing
  • Complex Configurations: Effective Accounts and Line
  • Level Independence
  • Overview: Review the technical exercise topics and
  • introduce the class
  • Administrative Overview: Review Key Terms, B2B
  • Commerce Architecture and Technology Stack, User
  • Interface Demo
  • Admin: CC Admin Configuration vs. Code Extension

Day 4

  • User Interface: Layout Overrides, Subscriber Templates,
  • Page Includes, Subscriber Pages, Handlebar Overrides,
  • CloudCraze UI Properties, Extending My Account,
  • Extending the CloudCraze Checkout Flow, Global
  • JavaScript Functions, CloudCraze Event Handling,
  • Handlebars Functions, Localization Functions, and Utility
  • Functions and Objects
  • Back-end: Full API review and extension instruction

Day 5

  • Back-end: Global Extension Points
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