Managing the Commerce Cloud Storefront

Course Details
Code: CCM-101
Tuition (USD): $1,500.00 • Classroom (2 days)
$1,500.00 • Virtual (2 days)

This course teaches merchants and marketers how to manage catalogs, content, products, and promotions for a Commerce Cloud storefront using the Commerce Cloud Business Manager.

Skills Gained

  • Manage catalogs, categories, products, pricing, inventory, and
  • recommendations.
  • Manage search results, sorting rules, search refinements.
  • Leverage analytics.
  • Use coupons, source codes, and customer groups in promotions and
  • campaigns.
  • Manage product images.

Who Can Benefit

Merchants Marketers Content Managers


  • Course: GEN001: Salesforce B2C Commerce Overview
  • Course: GEN900: Introduction to the Commerce Cloud Business Manager

Course Details

Salesforce B2C Commerce Review

  • Key Concept Review

Catalogs and Categories

  • Configuring Catalog-Level Image Management Settings
  • Configuring Catalog-Level Product Attribute Settings
  • Category Overview
  • Creating a Category
  • Sorting Categories
  • Editing Category Configuration
  • Copying a Category
  • Moving a Category
  • Adding a Banner to a Category


  • Searching for Products
  • Creating a Product
  • Using the Storefront Toolkit to View Product Information
  • Assigning Multiple Products to a Category
  • Copying Products
  • Managing Product Attributes
  • Managing Variation Masters and Variation Products
  • Using Price Books to Manage Prices
  • Inventory Settings & Management
  • Using Product Sets
  • Product Bundles


Improving Search Results

  • Manage Search Indexes
  • Configuring Searchable Attributes
  • Managing Synonyms and Hypernyms
  • Using the Storefront Toolkit to View Search Information
  • Managing Search Suggestions
  • Managing Common Phrases
  • Managing Stop Words
  • Managing the Exclusion of Category Names
  • Search Query Processing
  • Managing Search Redirects

Sorting Rules

  • Manually Changing the Order of Products in a Category
  • Using Search Placement or Search Rank to Change
  • Product Order in a Category
  • Applying a Rule with Dynamic Attributes to Change
  • Product Order in a Category
  • Inserting the Rule
  • Automatically Change the Search Result Order
  • Storefront Sorting Options Menu

Search Refinements

  • Configuring Search Refinements for a Site and a Category
  • Using Buckets


  • Managing Coupons
  • Creating Coupons
  • Using Source Code Groups
  • Creating a Source Code Group
  • Customer Groups
  • Using Static Customer Groups
  • Using Dynamic Customer Groups


  • Creating a Campaign
  • Creating Experiences


  • Creating a Promotion
  • Promotion Rules
  • Promotion Visualizations
  • Inclusions and Exclusions
  • Global Exclusions

Refining Campaigns

  • Marketing Your Campaign
  • Stacking Rules
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