Quality Planning and Inspection in SAP S/4HANA

Course Details
Code: S4141-v012
Tuition (USD): $4,090.00 • Virtual (5 days)
$4,090.00 • Classroom (5 days)

Skills Gained

  • Participants learn how to process QM-specific basic data as well as inspection planning details. They also learn how basic data is used in different plans and see how this data influences the generated inspection lots. The general inspection process is modeled using various examples.
  • In addition, the training course demonstrates the possible uses of quality notifications.

Who Can Benefit

  • Project Lead, Project Team
  • Application Consultant
  • Responsible users for quality management


  • Essential:
       -S4140 (Quality Management in SAP S/4HANA)
  • Recommended:

Course Details

Course Content

  • QM Processes in the Logistics Processes
       -Positioning of Quality Management
       -Inspection Process Flow in Quality Management – Overview
       -Problem Processing with Quality Notifications - Overview
  • Basic Data in Quality Management
       -Material Master and Inspection Settings
       -Sample Determination
       -Dynamic Modification
       -Inspection Setup – Mass Maintenance
       -Master inspection Characteristics
       -Input Processing for Measured Values
       -Code Groups and Codes
       -Selected Sets and Catalog Profile
       -Inspection method
       -Distributing QM Basic Data
       -Material Specification
  • Inspection Planning
       -The Inspection Plan
       -Test Equipment
       -Inspection Characteristics in the Inspection Plan
       -Reference Operation Set and Product Structure
       -Engineering Workbench
       -Engineering change management
       -Task List – Material Specification
       -Flexible Inspection Specifications
       -Multiple Specifications - Overview
  • Results Recording
  • Defects Recording
  • Usage Decision
  • Definition and Structure of Notifications
  • Quality Notifications in Logistics
       -Quality Notifications at Goods Receipt
       -Customer Complaints
  • Quality Notifications in Production
  • General Functions of Quality Notifications
       -Customizing Settings for Notifications
       -Status Management for Notifications
       -Other General Functions for Notifications
  • Quality-related Costs and QM Orders
  • SAP Business Workflow in QM - Overview


  • This training course concentrates fundamentally on the inspection lot processing procedures within Quality Management. Besides the application this training covers also customizing.

Course based on software release

  • SAP S/4HANA 1809 On Premise
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