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SAP Sales Cloud: SAP CPQ Implementation

Skills Gained This course will prepare you to: -Understand the benefits of SAP CPQ -Navigate the SAP CPQ user interface -Set up companies, user types, and users -Configure categories, products, and...

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$4,335 USD GSA  $3,930.98
Course Code C4H420-v013
Duration 5 days
Available Formats Virtual, Classroom

Skills Gained

  • This course will prepare you to:
       -Understand the benefits of SAP CPQ
       -Navigate the SAP CPQ user interface
       -Set up companies, user types, and users
       -Configure categories, products, and attributes
       -Define dynamic content using the Formula Builder and CTX Tags
       -Create configuration rules and triggers
       -Construct custom tables and attribute containers
       -Access data from custom tables using Table and List tags
       -Set up currencies, markets, pricing, price books, and discounts
       -Configure quote tabs and custom fields
       -Generate quote documents and develop document templates
       -Configure an approval process workflow
       -Work with SAP CPQ scripting
       -Add and define quote tables
       -Manage cart fields
       -Work with SAP CPQ APIs
       -Customize the SAP CPQ UI

Who Can Benefit

  • Application Consultant
  • Development Consultant
  • Implementation Consultant


  • Essential:
  • Recommended:
       -SAP CPQ Playlists on -> SAP CPQ Playlists -> Getting Started with SAP CPQ (about 1:50 total duration) -> Becoming Competent in SAP CPQ (about 1:30 total duration) -> Advancing in SAP CPQ (about 1:50 total duration) -> Scripting in SAP CPQ (about 0:30 total duration)
       -Familiarity with the Python programming language is helpful

Course Details

Course Content

  • Introduction to SAP CPQ
       -SAP CPQ Fundamentals
       -User Interface
       -Application Parameters
  • Users
       -Exercise: Creating a New Company Profile
       -User Types
       -Exercise: Creating a New User Type
       -Permission Groups
  • Products
       -Exercise: Working with Categories and Sub-Categories
       -Exercise: Adding a Product Type
       -Simple Products
       -Exercise: Manually Adding Simple Products
       -Exercise: Importing Products
       -Exercise: Working with Attributes
       -Configurable Products
       -Exercise: Creating and Modifying Configurable Products
  • Pricing/Calculations
       -Exercise: Adding Currencies and Markets
       -Exercise: Adding Pricing for Products
       -Price books
       -Exercise: Setting up a New Price book
       -Discounts and Multipliers
       -Exercise: Creating Discounts
  • Advanced Product Configurations
       -Formulas and Tags
       -Exercise: Defining a Dynamic Part Number
       -Configuration Rules
       -Exercise: Creating a Disallow Attribute Dependency Rule
       -Exercise: Creating a Mandatory Attribute Dependency Rule
       -Exercise: Creating a Change Trigger
       -Custom Tables
       -Exercise: Creating a Custom Table
       -Exercise: Using the LIST Tag and Creating Scripted Rules from a Custom Table
       -Autocomplete Attributes
       -Exercise: Configuring an Autocomplete Attribute
       -Container Attributes
       -Exercise: Creating and Using Container Attributes
       -Configurable Product Frameworks
       -Exercise: Referencing Simple Products
       -Exercise: Creating a Collection of Configurable Products
       -Exercise: Creating a Product Bundle using Parent/Child System List
       -Exercise: Using Item Quantity in Product Bundles
       -BONUS Exercise: Defining a Relevant Bundle Part Number
  • Quotes
       -Quote Tabs
       -Exercise: Creating a New Quote Tab
       -Quote Custom Fields
       -Quote Item Custom Fields
       -Exercise: Defining a New Quote Item Custom Field
       -Document Generation and Templates
       -Exercise: Display the VAT in a Microsoft Word Document Template
       -Exercise: Adding a Quote Custom Field to a Word Document Template
       -Approval Process Using Workflows
       -Exercise: Creating a Workflow Status and Defining Actions
       -Exercise: Creating and Defining Discounts and Approvals
       -Exercise: Creating an Approval Rule Using CTX Tags
  • Scripting
       -Introduction to Scripting in SAP CPQ
       -Script Workbench
       -Script Workbench Aids
       -API Explorer
       -Exercise: Script Workbench
       -Scripting Basics
       -Exercise: Scripting
       -Scripting Exercise Solutions
       -Quote Tables
       -Exercise: Adding a Quote Table and Defining Quote Table Actions
       -Exercise: Display Quote Table Data in an Excel Document Template
       -Cart Fields Administration
       -Custom Quote Calculations
       -Exercise: Adding a Custom Calculation for Extended Price
       -SAP CPQ APIs
  • UI Customization in SAP CPQ
       -Legacy UI Modes of SAP CPQ
       -Standard Setup Options
       -UI Branding and CSS Changes
       -Responsive Templates
  • Proof-of-Concept Workshop

Course based on software release

  • SAP CPQ 2108