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SAP Sales Cloud: SAP CPQ Implementation

Course Details
Code: C4H420-v094
Tuition (USD): $4,090.00 • Virtual (5 days)
$4,090.00 • Classroom (5 days)

  • This course is designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of SAP CPQ functionalities, features, rules, and concepts. This course is targeted for Implementation Consultants.
  • In this course, you will learn how to perform a variety of common implementation-related tasks. The successful consultant will be able to apply the skills acquired within a project team and contribute positively to the success of a project under the guidance of senior project team members.
  • Participants will be provided with access to SAP CPQ tenants for hands-on exercises throughout the course. The course also includes a proof of concept workshop, during which participants will collaborate to analyze and implement a business case.

Skills Gained

This course will prepare you to:

  • Understand the benefits of SAP CPQ
  • Navigate the SAP CPQ user interface
  • Set up companies, user types, and users
  • Configure categories, products, and attributes
  • Write basic formulas using Formula Builder and CTX tags
  • Create configuration rules and triggers
  • Construct custom tables and attribute containers
  • Set up currencies, markets, pricing, pricebooks, and discounts
  • Configure quote tabs and custom fields
  • Generate quote documents and develop document templates
  • Configure an approval process workflow
  • Work with SAP CPQ scripting
  • Add and define quote tables
  • Manage cart fields
  • Work with SAP CPQ APIs
  • Customize the SAP CPQ UI

Who Can Benefit

  • Implementation Consultant
  • Application Consultant



  • SAP CPQ Playlist on Enable.cx
  • SAP CPQ Foundations e-Learning on Learning Hub (C4HCPQFOUND)
  • SAP CPQ Live Sessions (4 sessions – Course Codes listed below)

Course Details

Course based on software release

  • SAP CPQ 1911


Introduction to SAP CPQ

  • SAP CPQ Fundamentals
  • User Interface
  • Application Parameters


  • Companies
  • User Types
  • Users


  • Categories
  • Simple Products
  • Attributes
  • Configurable Products
  • Formulas and Tags
  • Configuration Rules
  • Triggers
  • Custom Tables
  • Autocomplete Attribute
  • Attribute Containers


  • Currencies
  • Markets
  • Pricing
  • Pricebooks
  • Discounts and Multipliers


  • Quote Tabs
  • Quote Custom Fields
  • Quote Item Custom Fields
  • Document Generation and Templates
  • Approval Process


  • Introduction to Scripting in SAP CPQ
  • Script Workbench
  • Quote Tables
  • Pricing through Scripting
  • Cart Fields Administration

UI Customization is SAP CPQ

  • Legacy UI Modes of SAP CPQ
  • Standards Setup Options
  • UI Branding and CSS Changes
  • Responsive Templates
  • Razor
  • Knockout

Proof of Concept Workshop

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