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SAP Industries Training Courses

With the unique requirements of over 25 different industries in mind, SAP has strategically developed training solutions to help you make the most of your investment in their SAP for Industries solutions. As SAP's education arm in North America, ExitCertified is proud to offer you the below certified SAP for Industries courses.
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  • Master Data and Basic Functions in SAP for Utilities (Course)

    Course Code: IUT210-v098
    Skills Gained Participants familiarize themselves with technical and commercial master data as well as the related basic functions of the system. Practice-oriented exercises equip participants with...
  • SAP Assortment Planning for Retail Works (Course)

    Course Code: W26APR-v001
    Skills Gained Understand the key business processes of SAP Assortmente Planning for Retail Get to know the architecture and extensibility of SAP Fiori and the planning content Learn about the product...
  • Overview of Functions in SAP for Retail (Course)

    Course Code: SAPIRT-v015
    Skills Gained This course will prepare you to:    -Participate in high-level discussions on the SAP for Retail Solution Portfolio    -Describe and use typical retail...
  • SAP - Funds Management: Processes, Organization and Configuration (Course)

    Course Code: IPS910-v010
    Skills Gained Participants will be able to use the structure and organization of the solution for fiscal accounting in the public sector Participants will be able to execute settings for setting up...
  • SAP - Risk Management in Banking Services (Course)

    Course Code: FS252-v015
    Skills Gained Acquire an overview of the Bank Analyzer Risk Management solution offering Be able to implement, change and enhance the Bank Analyzer Risk Management Be able to decide on different Bank...
  • Trading & Scheduling with SAP for Oil and Gas (Course)

    Course Code: IOG340-v097
    Skills Gained Adquire the necessary knowledge of the SAP TSW (Trader´s and Scheduler´s Workbench) solution for Oil & Gas including Trading integration, in order to configure the system and be...
  • SAP Overview for Public Sector (Course)

    Course Code: WNAPS1-v095
    Skills Gained *Explain SAP terminology - Provide a conceptual overview of SAP's business solutions for Public *Sector organizations - Develop the baseline SAP product knowledge necessary for...
  • SAP - Financial Accounting for Public Services (Course)

    Course Code: WNAPSF-v095
    Skills Gained    -WNAPSF is an introduction to SAP Financials relating to Public Services organizations including Financial Accounting, Controlling, and Funds Management....
  • SAP Introduction to Banking - Retail Credit (Course)

    Course Code: FS244e-E-v094
    Skills Gained Provide an introduction to the functionality of SAP's Industry Solution for Banking. Understand the applications that comprise the Banking solution. Recognize SAP CRM functionality and...
  • SAP - Plant Maint. Obj. & Prev Maint. (Course)

    Course Code: WNAPMO-v097
    Skills Gained At the conclusion of the course, the student should: Explain the structure of object and asset structures in the Enterprise Asset Management and Customer Service area, which form the...
  • SAP - Accounting for Financial Instruments (Course)

    Course Code: FS251-v010
    Skills Gained Acquire an overview of the Bank Analyzer Accounting for Financial Instruments (AFI) solution offering Contribute to the implementation, change and enhancement of the Bank Analyzer AFI...
  • Business Processes in SAP Real Estate Management (Course)

    Course Code: RE010-v098
    Skills Gained The participants become familiar with real estate processes in SAP, receive an overview of all SAP solutions involved in mapping the real estate processes, and learn to use basic real...
  • SAP Insurance - Collections and Disburse (Course)

    Course Code: FS316-v002
    Skills Gained -Enable participants to carry out the collection and disbursement processes and functions of SAP's Insurance solution -Teach participants how to customize the collection and disbursement...
  • SAP - Device Management (Course)

    Course Code: IUT220-v098
    Skills Gained Participants familiarize themselves with the basic principles of device management and the conversion of related key business processes in IS-U/CCS, as well as the interfaces of standard...
  • SAP - Billing and Invoicing (Course)

    Course Code: IUT230-v098
    Skills Gained Participants learn about the billing-relevant master data and IS-U/CCS functions. They also gain an understanding of the billing process flow, up to and including invoicing and bill...
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