Deposits Management in Banking Services from 9.0

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Code: FS242-v015
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Skills Gained

  • Participate in blueprinting and business process design activities for Deposits Management implementations

Who Can Benefit

  • Application Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • System Architects
  • Development Consultants
  • Developers
  • Business Process Owner/Team Lead/Power User


  • Essential:
       -FS240 Basics of Transactional Banking in Banking Services from SAP 9.0, or FS240 Basics of Transactional Banking in Banking Services from SAP 9.0
  • Recommended:

Course Details

Course Content

  • Demand Deposits
       -Distinguish types of deposits
       -Distinguish current account characteristics
       -Distinguish savings account characteristics
       -Configure demand deposit product
  • Time Deposits
       -Distinguish features of time deposits
       -Create time deposits
       -Fix a time deposit
       -Call a time deposit
  • Notice Deposits
       -Define basic features of notice deposits
       -Distinguish savings account with notice characteristics
       -Explain savings book functionality
       -Distinguish savings scheme characteristics
       -Explain payment monitoring functionality
  • Special conditions
       -Distinguish deposit specific interest conditions
       -Distinguish deposit specific charge conditions
  • Settlement
       -Describe basic functionality of settlement
       -Design extended settlement
  • Card Management
       -Define card products
       -Outline the cards life cycle
       -List Card Functions
       -Create a Card
       -Define card characteristics
       -Configure Card Security Settings
  • Effective Cash Pooling
       -Explain basic features of effective cash pooling
       -Define effective cash pooling characteristics
       -Configure effective cash pooling product
  • Interest and Charge Compensation
       -Explain the main features of charge and interest compensation
       -Define charge and interest compensation characteristics
       -Configure charge and interest compensation products
       -Explain charge and interest compensation process
  • Facilities
       -Explain basic features of facilities
       -Define facility characteristics
       -Process facility contract
       -Configure Settings for a Facility Product and a Facility Contract
       -Configure Facility Scenarios
  • Currency Exchange
       -Describe functionality and processes of currency exchange
       -Explain the configuration possibilities for currency exchange
       -Set up the currency exchange
  • Bundle Pricing and Price Determination
       -Explain bundle pricing capabilities
       -Explain bundle pricing characteristics
       -Process bundle pricing contract
       -Configure bundle pricing
       -Describe price determination functionality
       -Define price determination characteristics
       -Explore Bundle Pricing Scenarios
  • Overdraft Protection (ODP)
       -Explain features of overdraft protection
       -Define overdraft protection characteristics
       -Process overdraft protection contracts
       -Configure Settings and Execute Overdraft Protection
  • Checkbook Management·
       -Define Checkbook Agreement
       -Define Checkbook
  • Fiori Apps: Deposits and Loans
       -Discuss Fiori Apps for Deposits and Loans
  • Read Access Logging (RAL)
       -Understand RAL
  • ]ILM Retention Management
       -Understand ILM Retention Management


  • This course has been developed to provide a deep understanding of the features, functions and configuration requirements to manage Deposits at your financial institution.
  • This course is also available in a self-paced e-learning format with system demos and transaction simulations, under course code FS242E.

Course based on software release

  • SAP Banking Services 9.0
  • International Banking
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