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Shared Processes for Loans and Deposits Management in Banking Services from SAP 9.0

  • Tuition CAD $5,056
  • Reviews star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_half 334 Ratings
  • Course Code FS240-v015
  • Duration 5 days
  • Available Formats Classroom

Skills Gained

  • This course provides the knowledge of the products and processes for both Loans and Deposit Management (SAP Banking Services 9.0) you need to contribute to a Loans and/or Deposit Management implementation projects. You will be able to explain the Loans and Deposit Management functions of SAP Banking Services 9.0 and the information flow and master data requirements for their configuration

Who Can Benefit

  • Application Consultant
  • Data Consultant
  • Development Consultant
  • Industry Business Analyst Consultant
  • Support Consultant
  • Technology Consultant
  • Change Manager
  • Data Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Stakeholder
  • Systems Architect
  • Tester
  • Training Manager
  • Developer
  • IT Administrator
  • IT Support
  • Business User
  • End User
  • SuperKey/Power User


  • Essential:
       -Fundamental Banking Knowledge
       -SAP129 SAP Navigation
  • Recommended

Course Details

Course Content

  • Integration of Deposit Management and Loans Management
       -Describe integration scenarios
  • SAP Business Partner for Financial Services
       -Describe the SAP business partner concept
       -Explore the business partner functions, enhancements, and integration options
  • Organizational Management
       -Define an organizational structure
       -Define data related to the organizational structure
  • Contract Management
       -Describe the basic features of customer contracts
  • Product Configuration
       -Describe the product concept
       -Configure products with the product configurator
  • Business Operations
       -Describe order management
       -Configure an account holder change
       -Define account closure
       -Configure a product change
  • Item Management
       -Describe payment order functionality
       -Create payment orders
       -Design and create payment items
       -Describe the basic functionality of information items
       -Describe the basic functionality of non-balance-changing turn over items
       -Describe the basic functionality of prenotes
       -Explore account balances and configure counters
       -Describe the functionality of turnover classes
       -Calculate the available amount
       -Describe the integration between SAP Banking Services and the payment transaction system
       -Describe the outgoing process flow
  • SOA in Bankin
       -Describe the concepts of the SAP Banking Services platform
       -Describe the business object map and the functional capabilities of business objects
       -Enable the display of business functionality by business objects using enterprise services
       -Describe the difference between service design and implementati
       -Describe the transactional integrity of write services
       -Describe error handling concepts in Enterprise Services
       -Describe the difference between BAPI and service integration
  • Financial Conditions and Pric
  • Explore the condition model, and edit condition groups and conditions
  • Describe the characteristics of conditions
  • Create individual conditions
  • Describe the pricing concept
  • Describe the business partner default price
  • Describe the product pricing list
  • Create a business partner standard price
  • Create a pricing agreement
  • Create individual conditions
  • Settlement
       -Describe the basic functionality of settlement
       -Use standard settlement
       -Execute standard and extended settlement
       -Describe the simulation of settlement
       -Describe the reversal of settlement
       -Describe the adjustment of prior periods
  • Posting Lock Management
       -Use posting lock management (PLM)
       -Define event types
  • Posting Control
       -Design and configure posting control rules
       -Define the posting control office
  • Master Contract Management Concept
       -Describe functional scope
       -Identify basic characteristics of master contracts
       -Describe the maintenance process of master contracts
  • Bank Statements
       -Describe the basic features of regular bank statements
       -Describe and configure basic features of event-controlled bank statements
       -Explain the basic features of combined statements
       -Define combined statement characteristics
  • Integration into Accounting
       -Describe the concepts of integration into accounting
       -Describe the integration concept using Bank Analyzer
       -Describe the concept of the central reconciliation hub
  • Fiori Apps: Deposits and Loans
       -Discuss Fiori Apps for Deposits and Loans
  • Read Access Logging (RAL)
       -Understand RAL
  • ILM Retention Management
       -Understand ILM Retention Management


  • The course materials are only available in English

Course based on software release

  • SAP Banking Services 9.0

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ExitCertified consistently delivers excellent courses with highly knowledgeable instructors and robust course content.

The instructor was very good. He had a terrific temperament and never seemed to get tired. He was very patient with some of the participants and their lack of experience.

Course trainer was excellent, content was well organized. However, labs should be instructor lead versus on your own. Much time is wasted for newbees in getting acclimated to tool set, AWS environment, navigating and setting up things to complete tasks. This was my third class and I was barely able to finish most of the labs. (The first 2 classes I only finished one lab exercise for the 2 together.)

The class is a good review of the services available in AWS.

In my mind. Myles Brown is an excellent instructor. His teaching approach agrees with me. No discernible stress about public speaking. Very engaging.

Enroll in the course offerings? Will enroll at the drop of a hat if approved. To ask mgmt to approve enrolment is another matter for me. Nothing to do with your company. Just a statement of fact.

Maybe a course on Google and MS Azure like this will be nice. If you have alternative options to mgmt, it is more likely that they shall have to choose one. Allow us to enroll.

Scott A. was very knowledgeable in Cognos Analytics course, He also had additional insights on how to apply this tool to real life business scenarios. If you are interested in learning more about Cognos Analytics I would highly recommend this course.

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