Defense & Security Workshop, Logistics and Maintenance

Skills Gained This course will prepare you to: -Consult within an implementation Project of D&S in S/4HANA -regarding Logistics Integration, Materials Management and Plant -Maintenance. -explain...

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Course Code DFPS67-v007
Duration 5 days
Available Formats Classroom
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Skills Gained

  • This course will prepare you to:
       -Consult within an implementation Project of D&S in S/4HANA
       -regarding Logistics Integration, Materials Management and Plant
       -explain the data model and guide a customer when making basic
       -decisions concerning the modeling of his logistics and maintenance
       -Participate in implementation of D&S/DFPS specific processes, such
       -as Personal and Functional Equipment and Support of Flight Operations.
       -Explain the impacts of D&S/DFPS functionalities on the enterprise
       -Explain the difference between a defense industry and a cross- industry standard implementation.

Who Can Benefit

  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Business Process Owner/Team Lead/ Power User
  • Solution Architect
  • Support Consultant


  • Essential:
       -SAP-Education in one procedural component of our software, such as
       -Materials Management or Plant Maintenance
       -DFPS66 Defense and Security Workshop Organizational Flexibility
  • Recommended:
       -Architectural Level Introduction to SAP S/4HANA, for example TS410

Course Details

Course Content

  • Unit 1: DFPS Logistics Introduction
       -Describe the motivation for DFPS logistics
       -Explain stocks vs provisions
       -Explain the organizational structure integration
       -Describe the D&S Material Numbering Solution
  • Unit 2: Stocks
       -Describe the Flexible Material Planning Object (FMPO) structure
       -Describe the Flexible Material Planning Object (FMPO) hierarchy
       -Describe the mapping between DFPS and D&S master data
       -Create an FMPO
       -Create an FMPO hierarchy
       -Assign FMPO authorizations to Force Elements and Positions
       -Explain the FMPO assignment attributes
       -Assign Product authorizations to Force Elements and Positions
       -Explain and define the AAC report selection parameters
       -Run the AAC Report
       -Read and understand the AAC report results
       -Explain Stocks Requirements and Fulfillment
       -Explain the Condition Code/Return Delivery
       -Describe the Loan Process
       -Explain the purpose of Equipment Packages
       -Describe the structural prerequisites to support Equipment Packages
       -Describe the master data requirements for Equipment Packages
       -Describe the end-to-end process for Equipment Packages
  • Unit 3: Provisions
       -Explain how provisions are integrated into organizational structure
       -Describe provision package objects (PPAs)
       -Describe relevant material master attributes
       -Describe material master data creation in bulk
       -Describe mass change of material master data on MRP area level
       -Describe how priorities are used in the DFPS solution
       -Describe how requirement priorities and delivery priorities and derived
       -Describe how provision packages (PPAs) are used to carry out initial supply of a force element
       -Describe how to manually request materials through standard SAP transactions and through DFPS
       -Describe how MRP can be used by defense organizations to plan material provisions
       -Describe how requirement priorities can be used to automate the creation of purchase orders and deliveries
       -Describe how return deliveries are used for provision materials
       -Describe return material manually
  • Unit 4: D&S: Personal and Functional Equipment
       -Describe how SAP DFPS uses personal and functional equipment to manage materials issued to persons
       -Describe the definition of authorized materials for persons
       -Describe the process to issue functional and personal equipment
       -Monitor the equipment status of persons and force elements
       -Describe the process to return functional and personal equipment
       -Describe the process of transferring personal and functional equipment from one person to another
       -Describe necessary customizing settings to issue materials to persons
       -Describe master data required to issue materials to persons
  • Unit 5: Plant Maintenance integration
       -Describe the different technical objects and their roles including master equipment and site equipment
       -Define how the force element is integrated with plant maintenance
       -Describe the forwarding process of maintenance notifications and maintenance orders
       -Describe the usage of extended view for maintenance notification
       -Explain maintenance book
       -Explain the process of technical objects relocation
  • Uni 6: Support of Flight Operations
       -Describe the prerequisites to use the functionalities of support of flight operations
       -Explain a typical line maintenance scenario
       -Explain the different kind of statuses of DFPS line maintenance
       -Use the DFPS status board to manage the technical operations of your fleet
       -Explain how DFPS supports flight operations management
       -Explain how DFPS provides decision support for selecting aircraft to be assigned to a flight
       -Explain the debriefing procedure after flight
       -Describe the purpose and functionalities of the staff assignment board
       -Describe the general steps of customizing for support of flight operations


  • This course is a training of the functionality and techniques of the defense solution. It will not provide customer specific implementation know how. It will show some best practice approaches of EA-DFPS within the used examples, while stressing the innovations in S/4HANA D&S solution in Defense Logistics. The training DFPS66 Organizational Workshop is highly recommended to understand the content of this workshop. This course is built on SAP S/4HANA basis, while using DFPS (industry solution Defense) in Compatibility Scope for the Maintenance content and D&S native SAP S/4HANA solution for the logistics units. The DFPS specific knowledge acquired is also relevant and compatible with ECC 6.0 EHP 5-8 platforms with active Defense Solution. In case of a customer specific training for a customer who is not interested in D&S innovations, the modified units are available in their ECC version as appendices. The training content is subject of changes because the development is an ongoing process. In some parts of the training also customizing topics will be discussed. Be aware that the course materials are delivered in English only.

Course based on software release

  • Course Materials in units 1-4 are based on:
  • SAP S/4HANA 2020 FPS00
  • EA-DFPS 805 FPS01
  • Exercises in all units and course materials in units 5,6 are based on:
  • SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS01
  • EA-DFPS 802 SP01
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