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SAP POS Software Workshop

Course Details
Code: W26TRI-v001
Tuition (USD): $3,350.00 • Classroom (5 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $3,037.78 • Classroom (5 days)

Skills Gained

  • *The attendee is able to configure and to use a SAP POS System after this workshop *Ability to configure SAP POS business rules

Who Can Benefit

  • *SAP customers *SAP partners *SAP employees


  • Recommended *Basic understanding of POS Processes

Course Details

Course Content

  • *Transactionware - GM, Systems Installation and Troubleshooting -Overview of the POS integration with back office and head office -Hands-on cashier exercises ->analyzing typical transaction types -Hands-on store management exercises ->including opening and closing the store -Exploring the back office application ->Store Manager ->to produce reports and to conduct various business operations -The basics of installing and operating POS and Store Manager -Use Manager Codes to maintain store systems -Use Manager Codes to resolve hardware and software issues -Incorporate the Xpress Server console window in the troubleshooting process -Hands on hardware/software troubleshooting -Hardware Options review ->OPOS Installation and Configuration setup for peripherals ->Scanners / Printers -Touch Screens vs Regular screens -Handheld Devices / Pinpads / CSRs *Configurator -Exploring the various sections of the Configurator -Creating new employees, new tenders, PLU’s, promotions, employee files, taxes and register parameters -Adding menu options to the POS -Discussion of the product hierarchy and user-flags will be discussed -View and understand the original Configurator parameters as set for a store’s pilot and rollout phases -Make changes to the original parameters so all stores are operating successfully -Learn how to customize the literals used by the POS -Suggest and implement potential solutions for any new business issues -Maximize the use of User Defined Transactions -Track Customer Information through database prompts -Working from a story line you will configure real world business issues on ->Date Validation ->Register Parameters ->Pending Transactions ->Taxes *Technical Data Flow -Directory and file naming structure and conventions -The data flow process -Using data flow analysis to resolve high level system issues -Hands on troubleshooting -Using MS to view, backup, validate, erase, unload and reload data -Running non-database utilities that include CVTLOG, CVTOTALS, and PARMDUMP -Investigation Xpress Server console -In-depth data investigation


  • *The focus of this workshop is providing early access to important information using early course material instead of using detailed course binders *The course material is available in English only *Methods: Class based training with practical training and exercises *This workshop can also be offered on demand in a local SAP subsidiary, at partner or customer site. *For further information, please contact Christina Huber E-Mail: Phone: +49 6227 7 71493
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