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SAP Industries Training Courses

With the unique requirements of over 25 different industries in mind, SAP has strategically developed training solutions to help you make the most of your investment in their SAP for Industries solutions. As SAP's education arm in North America, ExitCertified is proud to offer you the below certified SAP for Industries courses.

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  • Utilities Topic: Business Skills | Code: RE010-v098

    Business Processes in SAP Real Estate Management (Course)


    Skills Gained The participants become familiar with real estate processes in SAP, receive an overview of all SAP solutions involved in mapping the real estate processes, and learn to use basic real...

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  • Insurance Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: FS316-v002

    SAP Insurance - Collections and Disburse (Course)


    Skills Gained -Enable participants to carry out the collection and disbursement processes and functions of SAP's Insurance solution -Teach participants how to customize the collection and disbursement...

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  • Utilities Topic: Administration | Code: IUT220-v098

    SAP - Device Management (Course)


    Skills Gained Participants familiarize themselves with the basic principles of device management and the conversion of related key business processes in IS-U/CCS, as well as the interfaces of standard...

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  • Utilities Topic: First | Code: IUT230-v098

    SAP - Billing and Invoicing (Course)


    Skills Gained Participants learn about the billing-relevant master data and IS-U/CCS functions. They also gain an understanding of the billing process flow, up to and including invoicing and bill...

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  • Higher Education and Research Topic: Administration | Code: IHE203-v098

    SAP - Student Lifecycle Management: Student Accounting (Course)


    Skills Gained Participants will gain an overview of the structures and processes in Student Accounting (fee calculation, fee collection). After completing this course, participants will be able to...

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  • Retail Topic: First | Code: IUT240-v098

    SAP - Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (Course)


    Skills Gained This course covers the technical data context of contract accounts sub-ledger and its integration into FI general ledger accounting and other standard SAP modules. Using concrete...

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  • Utilities Topic: Administration | Code: IUT225-v098

    SAP - Energy Data Management (Course)


    Skills Gained This course enables participants to use the EDM component within IS- U/CCS. This course provides information about: → Managing profiles in EDM → Integrating profile management in...

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  • Utilities Topic: Administration | Code: RE200-v098

    SAP - Flexible Real Estate Management (Course)


    Skills Gained The participants become familiar with best practices on how to use RE- FX for their business needs. They learn selected configuration settings for selected processes within SAP Real...

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  • Public Sector Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: IPS810-v098

    SAP Grants Management - Grantee (Course)


    Skills Gained Participants learn how the SAP system optimizes the management of grants on the side of the recipient. Participants will understand the integration of grant management with the usual...

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  • Public Sector Topic: Administration | Code: IPS520-v098

    SAP - Tax and Revenue Management (Course)


    Skills Gained Understand the scope of tax-specific processes in SAP Tax and Revenue Management Gain an understanding on the interaction of the different SAP Tax and Revenue Management components...

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  • Utilities Topic: Business Skills | Code: IUT110-v098

    Business Processes in SAP for Utilities (Course)


    Skills Gained Participants gain an overview of the business processes that can be mapped using SAP for Utilities Customer Relationship and Billing ("CR&B"). The most important customer business...

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  • Oil and Gas Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: IOG340-v097

    Trading & Scheduling with SAP for Oil and Gas (Course)


    Skills Gained Adquire the necessary knowledge of the SAP TSW (Trader´s and Scheduler´s Workbench) solution for Oil & Gas including Trading integration, in order to configure the system and be...

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  • Public Sector Topic: ERP/CRM | Code: WNAPS1-v095

    SAP Overview for Public Sector (Course)


    Skills Gained *Explain SAP terminology - Provide a conceptual overview of SAP's business solutions for Public *Sector organizations - Develop the baseline SAP product knowledge necessary for...

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  • Public Sector Topic: First | Code: WNAPSF-v095

    SAP - Financial Accounting for Public Services (Course)


    Skills Gained    -WNAPSF is an introduction to SAP Financials relating to Public Services organizations including Financial Accounting, Controlling, and Funds Management....

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  • Utilities Topic: First | Code: WNAPMO-v097

    SAP - Plant Maint. Obj. & Prev Maint. (Course)


    Skills Gained At the conclusion of the course, the student should: Explain the structure of object and asset structures in the Enterprise Asset Management and Customer Service area, which form the...

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SAP Certification Paths

As the largest SAP Training Partner in North America, ExitCertified has the training on both ECC6 and S/4Hana to help you get Certified. SAP Certifications are in high demand and can help you:

  • Gain an externally-recognized mark of excellence that clients seek
  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace
  • Execute your tasks with confidence and skill

SAP certification delivers value to individuals and organizations seeking the mark of excellence you need to be competitive in today's marketplace.

See the Value of SAP Education to Your Organization.


SAP Education: A Culture of Continuous leanring

By promoting a culture of continuous learning, SAP Education helps your organization improve accuracy, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce help desk costs, and Increase ROI. Plus, your workforce will be more efficient and happier in their jobs.



Certification helps create tangible benefits

Gain a competitive advantage for you and your team with SAP certification. It’s more than a piece of paper. It’s peace of mind – the kind you get when you know the people working on your SAP software landscape know exactly what they’re doing. Whether you’re looking for a low-risk, on-time, and on-budget implementation or for smooth operations, certification from SAP helps ensure you get the IT value you need to succeed. 

Email sap@exitcertified.com to learn more about certifications.

Time Saving

Lower risk: More projects are completed on time and within budget

Increase Adoption

Increased adoption: When your IT team is certified, they understand the software inside and out – leading to higher user acceptance


Instilled confidence: Certification gives you a clear measure of your technical capabilities, giving you the confidence to take on new technology challenges.

SAP Learning Hub Subscriptions

SAP Learning Hub User Edition USD $305 per user

For users of SAP technology who want to acquire or maintain their knowledge of using SAP software. Unlimited access to user-oriented content and peer collaboration via social learning.

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SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition USD $3,216 per user

For professionals who run, implement or support SAP software. Unlimited access to high-quality training content enhanced by social learning and peer collaboration.

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Make Learning SAP Child's Play

Watch the video to see how SAP Learning Hub can make learning about SAP child’s play. To experience SAP Learning Hub for free, contact your ExitCertified representative via the button below. You'll receive access to content, learning rooms, and more.

SAP Learning Hub Learning Rooms

View this video to find out more about how Learning Rooms can you help you build and expand your SAP skills.

SAP Certification in the Cloud

Distinguish yourself in the consulting market. When you or your organization achieves SAP Certification in the Cloud, you are proving that you can help SAP customers embrace the future.

SAP Live Access

Distinguish yourself in the consulting market. When you or your organization achieves SAP Certification in the Cloud, you are proving that you can help SAP customers embrace the future.

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