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SAP Identity Management

Course Details
Code: ADM920-v017
Tuition (USD): $4,090.00 • Virtual (5 days)
$4,090.00 • Classroom (5 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $3,037.78 • Virtual (5 days)
$3,037.78 • Classroom (5 days)

Skills Gained

  • The goal of this course is to enable participants to implement identity management concepts so that the full identity lifecycle can be performed with SAP Identity Management
  • And also to be able to use, customize, operate and troubleshoot SAP Identity Management

Who Can Benefit

  • Technology Consultant
  • System Administrator
  • Solution Architect


  • Essential:
       -SAP NetWeaver Java fundamental knowledge
       -SQL fundamentals knowledge
       -JavaScript fundamentals knowledge"
  • Recommended:
       -Java knowledge would be helpful
       -Some knowledge about identity management fundamentals

Course Details

Course Content

  • SAP Identity Management (IdM)
       -Describing SAP Identity Management
       -Explaining SAP IdM Architecture
       -Describing the SAP IdM Data Model
  • Forms
       -Creating Forms
       -Customizing Search Results
       -Implementing a Custom User Interface
  • Jobs
       -Creating Jobs
       -Creating a Repository
       -Creating Repository Jobs
       -Implementing Scripts for Advanced Data Conversion
  • Provisioning and Workflow
       -Creating Processes
       -Auditing the Task Execution Process
       -Describing the SAP Provisioning Framework
       -Assigning Privileges
  • Roles
       -Creating Business Roles
       -Defining Automatic Role Assignments
  • Approval Workflow
       -Configuring Approval Workflows
       -Sending Notifications
       -Storing Information with Pending Value Objects (PVO) and Context Variables
       -Implementing Automatic Approve/Decline of Role Requests
  • Context-Based Assignments
       -Defining Context
       -Creating Guided Activity Tasks
       -Provisioning Context Toward Backend Systems
       -Assigning Automatic and Conditional Context
  • SAP IdM and Other SAP Systems
       -Provisioning a User to AS ABAP
       -Setting Up SuccessFactors (SF)
       -Configuring the Virtual Directory Server (VDS) to Publish Information
       -Verifying Authorization Compliance
       -Setting Up SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Advanced Tasks
       -Running Housekeeping Procedures
       -Accessing the Identity Center Database
       -Debugging Entries
       -Optimizing the Performance of SAP IdM
       -Explaining the Reporting Tools
       -Resetting Passwords
  • SAP IdM Installation and Configuration
       -Installing SAP IdM
       -Configuring SAP IdM Security
       -Updating the Service Package
       -Upgrading SAP IdM 7.2
       -Setting up High-Availability for SAP IdM
       -Transporting Content

Course based on software release

  • SAP Identity Management 8.0 SP3
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