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How to Build an IOT Application

Course Details
Code: WNAIOT-v001
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Skills Gained

  • The session is targeted at developers and other personell that are charged to build an IoT application. IoT applications allow a company to leverage real-world and real-time sensor data to optimize business processes or to create new services and business models. As the data collected from sensors is different from typical data used in business applications the approach needs to take this into account – the goal of the course is to allow a developer to build the sensor part and the rest of an IoT application from start to finish based on Leonardo Foundation, IoT Application Enablement and Cloud Platform from SAP.

Who Can Benefit

  • Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Administrator
  • Technology Consultant


  • Basic understanding of applications concepts like database, users, roles, services, programming languages

Course Details

Course Content

  • Typical IoT Application Use Cases (Predicitive Maintenance, Device Tracking)
  • Overview of Systems, Architecture, Project Outline and Operations for an IoT Application
  • The Weather Station App – A Real world example used during the course
  • Selecting Sensor, Device, Power and Communications Technology based on example
  • Modeling your first Things based on an example
  • Onboarding your first devices based on example
  • Analyzing collected example data via apis and via tools
  • Prototyping an application user interface based on example
  • Integration with application data and other applications based on example
  • Deploying and operating the application based on example
  • Scaling and Phasing the roll-out
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