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BPC Standard Scenario Advanced

Course Details
Code: WNABPC-v015
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Skills Gained

  • Apply advanced concepts for BPC Standard in an E2E scenario on a BPC/4HANA landscape. Learn how to configure BPC standard in real life scenarios that are common on BPC projects. Build up data flows from the ground up starting with ECC tables into BW/4HANA then BPC tables. After planning via dynamic advanced workbooks and applying allocation logic, retract the data back to ECC. Analyze the data not only using EPM dynamic reports but also using Analysis for Office. Create intricate web based input forms using Integrated Planning and BPC Standard with Lumira Designer Edition.

Who Can Benefit

  • Project team members, Consultants, Design architects, Trainers


  • Essential:
       -BPC Experience
  • Recommended:

Course Details

Course Content

  • BW Data Acquisition for BPC
       -BW Data Layers for BPC
       -Create Characteristics and Advanced DataStore Objects for BPC data staging
       -Load ECC master and transaction data in BPC staging layer
  • BPC Data Acquisition
       -Create BPC advanced conversion and transformations
       -Import master data from BW
       -Configure delta packages
       -Create a process chain to integrate BW and BPC data loads
       -Retract data back to ECC tables
  • Calculations
       -Use dimension member formulas based Script Logic
       -Build an assessment script logic allocation
       -Link cells to DM Package prompts
       -Retract data back to ECC
  • Reporting and Planning UI
       -Build dynamic input forms and reports
       -Use Design Studio for BPC Standard Input Forms
       -Use Analysis for Office for BPC Standard Input Forms
       -Use Analysis for Office to analyze BPC Standard data
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