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Auditing of Financial Business Processes in SAP

Course Details
Code: FIN900-v098
Tuition (USD): $3,350.00 • Classroom (5 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $3,037.78 • Classroom (5 days)

Skills Gained

  • Understanding of core processes and the integration of SAP applications and system control to optimize the internal control system and meet regulations and international standards

Who Can Benefit

  • Auditors in the business processes, Finance, and Accounting areas who are responsible for checking, improving and conceiving business process controls in mySAP ERP
  • Consultants for Corporate Governance and Compliance with the Sarbanes- Oxley Act


  • Essential:
       -Business knowledge in the area of auditing/internal auditing
  • Recommended:
       -Basic knowledge of SAP for example from the courses
       -SAP01 SAP Overview , → AC010 Business Processes in Financial Accounting , or
       -AC040 Business Processes in Management Accounting (Controlling

Course Details

Course Content

  • Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other auditing standards (for example, ISA) that are relevant for the auditors on the audit process
  • Compact overview of the authorization concept
  • Role-based setup of the AIS and commercial audits with the AIS
  • Basic system settings and logs
  • Organizational units and organizational structure within an SAP system
  • Practical analysis of the risks and controls using test cases
  • General Customizing and controls in Accounting while taking into account the impact on the audit process
  • Auditing business processes, for example, Procurement, Production, and Sales Order Processing
  • Auditing the end of period financial statements, for example, period- end closing in internal Accounting (Controlling) and in Financial Accounting and Asset Accounting, Evaluation of work in process, allowances, and stock
  • Auditing of specific evaluation methods, for example, stock in an anonymous warehouse, planned cost accounting and inventory costing, actual costing
  • Transfer of the financial accounting data, balances, and document information to the auditor's computer in standard format for further analysis (for example, in ACL, IDEA, Excel)


  • This course focuses on "commercial audits". For technical audits, we recommend attending the courses ADM100, ADM940, ADM950 or ADM960.
  • The following releases are also covered in the course: R/3 4.6c, R/3 Enterprise, and ECC 5.0

Course based on software release

  • ERP ECC 6.0 with EhP7
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